Time, Space And All Of Us – Book1 Time, by Serge Benhayon

Time – now there is a topic that is close to our hearts, or should that be minds? It is undeniable that there is no escaping time – we might manage for a while, granted; but then, it doesn’t take long before the holiday feeling is over and we are in its throes again, would you agree?

  • So is time something that has been put in place to dominate and rule us?
  • Does time really need to be the curse, relentless taskmaster or even tyrant it so frequently seems to be?
  • Is there something about time that we haven’t quite understood nor applied or possibly even taken advantage of?

Time respectfully elaborates on the possibility that we might well have the wrong understanding of time and that, in actual fact, it is not the curse, hindrance, obstacle or complication we have made it out to be.

Time explains that it is there to help us return to who we truly are and that our perception of what we call past, present and future is a little off balance, to put it mildly. And thus, the following is offered:

"Time does not move us. We are moved or are constantly moving by the anti-clockwise movement of our planet Earth. It is the planet and not time that produces what we call ‘daytime’ and ‘night-time’. What we call time, in this particular reference to movement, is nothing more than an indicator of where we geographically are in relation to the Sun."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 1 – Time, ed 1, p 67

And there we are – where we have in truth always been, even if we hadn’t noticed: time does not move but we move by virtue of the fact that we are on a planet that endlessly circles the Sun.

Granted, this is groundbreaking and revolutionary even, on par with the ‘discovery’ that the earth moves around the sun (a truth that Galileo and others like him were persecuted for), but then – is it really? If this is true, if time indeed does not move, then it hasn’t ever changed but always been like that; the only thing that might or is about to change is our perception and understanding of the facts, if indeed it is a fact.

To bring in a historical perspective

The earth was undoubtedly always turning around the Sun even when and whilst the powers that be, not that long ago, had decreed that the earth was not only flat but the centre of the universe and that the Sun and all other planets and stars moved around it. And thus, the only thing that changed was the easing of the dictate and cast iron rule and the freeing up of our tightly bound perception to then allow and open up to what we had always known, since time immemorial.

Time details the actual and very tangible facts about the nature and purpose of time plus that it, time, is a measure and support on our way to have the very personal and societal life that we all deeply crave, innately know we deserve and come from – a joyous, rich and truth-full life that can only keep getting better and better.

What then is time, according to Time? Time is about evolution and it marks how many times we circle the Sun as we are bound to the surface of this planet and repeat cycle after cycle, always traversing the same locations on our trajectory, year after year. And it is then up to us, individually and as a one humanity, to either choose to bring our old patterns and behaviours with us or to leave them well and truly behind. In other words: progress, change or evolution don’t happen for us by virtue of the fact that we are now in the year 2015, having moved on from the year 2014, but through our willingness to not bring the ballast of what has not worked with us into the ensuing trajectory around the Sun, in the year that follows.

In short and as Serge Benhayon outlines, the present is a replica of our past unless we discard what we don’t want and what hasn’t worked; the future is a repetition of our present, which in turn is a replica of our past unless we have left behind what it is that we don’t want in our lives any longer.

In other words, change, progress and evolution don’t happen of their own accord, they happen because we, as human beings, decide to no longer repeat our outdated and harmful patterns. And thus we have true evolution, the return of the human spirit to the All it separated from and time as our close ally, granting us as many cycles around the Sun as we think we need until we make different choices and don’t carry what has in truth never worked into the next cycle.

This is huge. And there is more as the book unfolds.

Time is huge indeed and so are the revelations and teachings here offered. And as surprising and unexpected as this may first seem, we do know this and it opens up a vast vista of hitherto uncharted possibilities and an immense potential:

Time as our ally and faithful servant in the course of our evolution, the true evolution of humankind.

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  • By Gabriele Conrad, Editor

    Working as an editor of Serge Benhayon’s as well as other books and material – when I am not at my ‘day job’ – is a huge and very rewarding part of the amazing way I now live thanks to The Way of The Livingness.

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