UML has a series of settings that are used to configure the general operation of the site. These settings are important to understand and know of as they are an important part of ensuring the user experience is as expected of the UML site as a whole.

The site settings are independent for the English, German and Dutch versions of the site as each one has their own independent set of settings so it is important if a setting is to be updated for all sites, the setting is updated for each site individually.

You can find the site settings under the 'Site' menu in the CMS backend. If you cannot see it, ensure you have been granted the necessary permissions to see it as only high level Administrators are allowed to see and edit these settings.

The settings are:

  • Site Title
  • Meta Description
  • Audio Widget Presenters URL
  • Audio Widget Presentations URL
  • About Page URL
  • FAQ Page URL
  • Unimedpedia Page URL
  • Get In Touch Page URL
  • External Shop URL
  • External Events URL
  • Privacy Page URL
  • Copyright Page URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Google Plus URL
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Pinterest URL
  • Vimeo URL
  • Universal Medicine URL
  • Serge Benhayon URL
  • The Way of The Livingness URL
  • UML about us URL
  • Signup No2 More Info Link
  • Contact Email
  • What is Universal Medicine URL
  • Instagram Link
  • Youtube Link
  • Disclaimer URL
  • Hide Lang Picker
  • Home Page Carousel Speed (How long [in milliseconds] the carousel on the home page is to stay on each slide)
  • Terms and Conditions