Could words be used in a different way?

Could words be used in a different way?

The ability to express and communicate through language is a unique quality of human beings.

Through the use of words, combined into sentences, we can exchange feelings, ideas, opinions, concepts, wishes - the possibilities are endless. Whether in written or oral form, language is used in almost every human interaction.

Although it is with our bodies that we express amusement or joy by smiling or laughing, or we express surprise by raising our eyebrows or we express fear and anger by screeching, language has become our primary system of communication. And, although our bodies are in-truth our main vehicles of expression, the use of language and words has unfortunately become an automated process with no or little connection to what words truly are and to what they truly mean.

For instance, do we ever stop to feel the vibration of a word or its sound or the energy that it carries and the energy that word is expressed in? Has anyone considered what the true energetic meaning of a word is or wondered if words truly express what they were meant to express? Do they reflect what we truly feel in that moment?

Unfortunately, as human beings, we have become progressively so disconnected from our feelings and so deeply unaware of the true meaning and the true energy of words that we cannot feel and appreciate what words really are, let alone their true purpose.

So, could words be used in a different way?

Could there be a truth in words that needs to be reclaimed?

And, what if by re-connecting with the true energetic meaning of words we could discover that there is a much more truthful and healing way of expressing and communicating?

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  • By GD, Self-employed

    In my life and work, I love inspiring and supporting people to be the amazing beings they truly are at essence. And, I love words and reclaiming their true energetic meaning.