Everything is because of energy

Everything is because of energy

We wanted to highlight for our August Audio of the Month Serge Benhayon’s presentation that “if everything is energy, then everything is because of energy”. Find out why this “because” is so critical and what it means to you personally in your everyday life.

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Everything is because of energy

If "everything" is energy and "everything" is because of energy then we need to know what energy is running us and how it is affecting our bodies and our choices.

"The great scientist /physicist Albert Einstein made it more commonly available outside the Ancient Teachings to know that ‘everything is energy’, but neither he nor anyone else before Universal Medicine made it into a temporal relative reality in the sense that – ‘if everything is energy, therefore, everything is BECAUSE of energy.’

It is the latter, the ‘BECAUSE’ that needs to be the first point of all of our attention, for it is here that we will find the answers to all of our woes."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 220

Further Reading and Listening

If you are interested to further investigate what “everything is energy” means to you and everyone in daily life we highly recommend reading the book An Open Letter to Humanity. The first chapters systemically look at the meaning and practical implication of this saying from every angle. Here is a short quote from the book:

"Why haven’t we made the first and foremost basis of all education the fact that we live in a world where everything is energy and therefore, all is because of it?

Come on, play with a small example of what it would mean if you were taught from young that everything is energy and thus all is because of it. You would ask yourself -- what energy have I got, allowed-in or caught (?) -- when you find yourself being sick or not well in any way. Likewise, you would seek to know the energy that leads to you feeling joy-full. And hence, if we knew which energy made us not well or not who we truly are, whilst there was an energy that made us feel truly good and or truly joy-full etc, we would focus all of our attention on knowing all about energy and how it works throughout our life."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 127

To understand “everything is energy” it is essential to understand the difference between spirit and Soul. At Unimedpedia Spirit you will find a great free audio and article in this regard.

You will also find another great free audio in relation to how “everything is energy” applies to illness and disease at our What’s on in the World audio and article for World Cancer Day - February 2015

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