"In the end we are to be responsible for all that takes place as well as the fact that we are responsible for the lies we allow and how much truth we are willing to seek and accept."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations II, p 545

Have you ever pondered what “acceptance” means to you energetically and how it might affect your body and well-being?

When we hear the word acceptance or to accept we often think it has something to do with agreeing or receiving. I accept what you say is correct or I accept and sign for this package.

So why then do we so often choose to accept abuse, accept lies and when we do that what sort of package are we delivering to or receiving in our body? Equally why do some of us find it so hard to accept love? – it seems there is a bit more going on here than might appear on the surface!

Who we truly are is not always who we think ourselves to be. This may sound a bit odd but in-truth there is an inner-most essence within us that we are each born with that remains untainted and true and there is also a version of us that we present to the world that can never match this beauty.

This inner-most essence is the Oneness of the Soul, and our spirit is that wayward part that has separated from it and chosen instead to pursue an individualised life in which we constantly seek recognition, acceptance and relief from the fact that we do not live true to this essence, which is Love.

By not accepting the love that we are, we end up accepting a far lesser version of ourselves that comes nowhere near the magnitude of who we truly are. Put simply – by not accepting love, we accept abuse.

We then accept this reduction as ‘normal’ simply because currently there are far more of us accepting who we are not than there are those living and claiming who we truly are.

That is, at this current point in time as has been our ill-lived way throughout the ages, we are choosing en-masse to live a vastly reduced version of ourselves that we have subscribed to and told to be based on all the ideals, images and beliefs we have been fed since we were a child. And by accepting this lesser life we deny ourselves the beauty and divinity we are from and choose instead to express through the fragmented part of us that has withdrawn from such love and truth.

The audio and quotes below offer us an understanding of how we have allowed ourselves to become divided in this way.

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Are you living the real you?

Are we expressing who we truly are, or just managing an acceptable version of how the world has told us to be?

All life is constantly communicating to us, and therefore, if we are constantly receiving communication from life, then we are constantly being given an opportunity to accept all that we are receiving or not. It may be in the form of words, a sound, a movement, someone’s touch, something you look at, in an exchange with another individual, a group, between you and nature, or you and life. In this communication, are we truly open to accept and receive all that we are being communicated, or do we only choose to see the parts that suit us?

What if life not only was asking you to observe and accept the ‘not so good’ in yourself and others, but also equally communicating to you that there is a truth and Divinity to accept? This would mean, not only accepting and observing the imperfections and ‘not so good’ but equally saying a full and unconditional ‘yes’ to all that you already are and have been divinely designed to be at essence.

In the following audio Serge Benhayon explains how the Science of Acceptance is simply the embodiment of our own beauty. We learn that the key to accepting the grandness we are is to also accept our imperfections with the understanding that no one person is given it all, but we each can express all that we are, so that together we can deliver the All.

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Accepting your imperfections and grandness

This beautiful audio about acceptance presents how by accepting your imperfections you get to accept and experience your awesomeness!

And so perhaps the question we must ask ourselves here is: do we accept who we truly are and thus the absolute Oneness, Love and Universal Intelligence we come from or, do we accept a far lesser version of this and in so doing accept a vastly reduced intelligence that once adopted will not let us see that we belong to a far grander intelligence that would not and could not ever lie to us by virtue of the fact that its essence is love and thus the truth we are each born from?

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Acceptance is the gateway to evolution

The more accepting we are of ourselves and others the more we evolve.

Teachings of Serge Benhayon presented and compiled by Liane Mandalis and Nicola Lessing

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