Self acceptance – the path to changing overeating

Could self acceptance be the path to changing overeating?

Self acceptance – the path to changing overeating

Allowing ourselves to feel everything and accepting what we feel may be our road back to healthy eating and healthy living.

We are all born into this world 'already enough' but we grow up to think we are not enough – then many of us spend the rest of our lives lost to ourselves until we finally arrive at the knowing that love is not ‘out there’, that it’s within us; that money truly doesn’t buy happiness and that no amount of food is enough to fill this ‘perpetual hunger’ for love.

"If you accept yourself,
you will eat in accordance to how you truly are."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 71

Accepting ourselves as we are means letting ourselves feel what is happening in our bodies and allowing it. It is a truly loving act and it means we don’t have to ‘block out’ the world anymore ...

If we simply feel it, name what we are feeling and accept it, the overeating can abate.

It could also be the most amazing thing we ever do

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