The student body of Universal Medicine: How we did It

The Stories Behind the Stories of the Amazing Student Body of Universal Medicine

The student body of Universal Medicine: How we did It

To achieve this far reaching output of Unimed Living the Student Body of Universal Medicine is continually testing what is group work – the bringing together of teams of people that collaborate to ensure no one in the team is left behind and that the output is forever sourced from connection and co-creation.

The group working together is equally important, if not more so, to the actual output that is produced – because we know for a fact that the quality of the group that we together make is going to be the quality of the product we send out to the world, in this case, the website that you get to read and experience.

Here we present the power of working with higher purpose and how this fuels the vast array of projects undertaken by the Student Body very differently compared to mankind’s current way of working - which is usually driven by money, rank, job security and recognition.

We present how instead of getting our energy from the stimulation of substances like coffee, sugar, processed foods, drugs and the emotional rides of anxiety, stress and conflict, we are energized by the power of our Soul, which is activated when we choose to live with self-care, developing into self-love, and eventually into love and true fiery purpose whilst always ensuring that harmonious group work is paramount to all we do.

We share how, when we commit to living and working with love and true purpose, as our foundation, and build this love first for ourselves, then naturally for others, we do not embark on projects to reward ourselves, but rather to share profound experiences with mankind, in the service of mankind.

The Student Body does not claim perfection as we are forever evolving. We are not blind followers of any other, but deliberately choose to discern the quality of energy we live and work in. We are all students of our own inner-most – thus our own Soul is our teacher, although we are deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon who is the founder of this work and has taught us all how to claim it for ourselves.

The result – well you can see it for yourself in the pages throughout this site, which are all about the way we live.

We are forever students of ourselves, simply with a loving dedication and commitment to return to the universal truth, love and wisdom that is in all of humanity equally so.

And so we present here the making of Unimed Living and the forever evolving projects undertaken by the Student Body to rekindle these universal teachings of the Ageless Wisdom to humanity as a whole. These pages are only a small sample of what the Student Body of Universal Medicine is working on together, as initiatives are formed continuously and worldwide, as we take our lived truths out to the world and share the simplicity in which we now live.

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