The student body of Universal Medicine – part 1

The Stories Behind the Stories of the Amazing Student Body

The student body of Universal Medicine – part 1

It is often fascinating to be witness to large-scale and complex projects that take place around us every day. But even though these projects are usually completed “successfully”, they are characterised more often than not by stress, pressure, struggle and usually the purpose of the project is driven mainly by wealth creation and profit margins, often with insufficient true care for the people involved or the people and communities the project is for.

With the production of this Unimed Living project and the vast array of initiatives undertaken by the Student Body, we present how when we choose to live in a certain way, we are given an abundance of energy from our natural source, and how we can literally ignite ourselves to work long hours but without toil, struggle or burnout.

We do so with joy and with a strong sense of service to humanity. The quality of what is delivered on these projects reflects the quality of how we have been living and how we are forever evolving.

So, if you feel joy and vitality in the site overall, and in the images of our faces and in our writing, that is a reflection of the way we live – simply living from the inner-most.

This Unimed Living project is how a group of students from all over the world working in different time zones are squeezing in many thousands of hours during their spare time from their day jobs and family/community responsibilities and have come together to create what will grow into the most comprehensive global website about all facets of well-being.

Furthermore this project, though already impressive in what is presented here, will never complete; the Unimed Living website and its offspring of related projects will evolve and grow forever.

The Student Body shares here the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. In doing so we share the challenges that we experience as we strive to get self-interest out of the way whilst focusing on a foundational framework of love, understanding and true responsibility.

We know that true service to the community cannot come from self-interest – it cannot come from doing something to make ourselves feel better or look good. True service can only come from love, and love for another can only come from love within ourselves. Pretty simple stuff – but it’s a 180 degree shift in the way most of us are taught to think.

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