An Introduction To Unimed Living

An Introduction To Unimed Living

Unimed Living is a media and communication platform run by Students of Universal Medicine who live in different parts of the globe and have come together for the purpose of presenting, via this website, their experiences of the Ageless Wisdom and how this can be applied to everyday living.

It is clear that life on earth is not what it could be; in fact it is fair to say that life is riddled with dysfunctionalities that have been brought about by the poor choices made by humanity over many centuries. These ill-advised choices have become embedded as the normal way of being when it is clear there is a much truer and different way to be. What is abnormal has become normal and in that lies a universal dysfunction.

Many students of Universal Medicine have reported how the teachings and practices of the Ageless Wisdom have made profound differences to the quality of their lives as compared to their previously chosen lifestyles and behaviours. And there is forever more to learn and refine for everyone as we are all forever students of these teachings.

There are many lessons to learn – here some of the over-arching principles:

  • Everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy ~ Serge Benhayon
  • Listen to the messages of your entire body which is all-knowing, whereas the mind on its own is subject to the indoctrination of the ill goings on around us.
  • One can connect to one’s Soul if one is in stillness – the true state of our essence. Gentleness, and in particular the 'Gentle Breath Meditation', is a great bridge to our stillness.
  • Every human being is superficially different but, what is for sure, we are all equal in our essence.
  • The way is to re-turn to and sustain living in Joy, Harmony, Love and Truth. But never is it the goal or the drive, it must come from the unfoldment of our essence.
  • The highest form of Intelligence is Love.
  • We are here to serve Humanity. In the process of serving all self is equally served.

These changes to our behaviour are against a backdrop of a world that is more medicated than ever before, consumes more drugs and alcohol per person than ever and where preventable diseases like dementia, diabetes, cancer, heart disorders, depression, disorders from exhaustion and mental health disorders, to name a few, are rampant, have escalated and are now worrying burdens on governments’ budgets.

We live in a world:

  • where corruption both obvious and insidious operates on massive scales. The world of economics justifies itself based on the principles of extreme capitalism.
  • where the separation of communities by nationalism, by religions and by cultures is breeding deep divisions that make for disharmonious communities which in turn bring misery and discontent.
  • where at our core, humanity’s education is grossly misrepresented and from that stems a host of problems. Education teaches information and knowledge rather than how to live as who we truly are in the world.
  • where people are so empty that porn and gambling are significant parts of filling their day.
  • where humanity’s diets increasingly consist of unhealthy processed foods that are aggressively marketed by a food and beverage industry driven by earnings accretion rather than having the well-being of humanity as its main purpose.
  • where obesity and resulting societal consequences are now in epidemic proportions.
  • where governments and media are complicit by inaction with these misplaced values and ill practises.

The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom offer humanity the return to a way of life that is grounded, unified, nutritionally sound, based on equality and focused on a much bigger purpose which is the well-being of all communities.

This Unimed Living website presents on many topics by teams of experts in their field and supported by writings by students of the Livingness, the modern day Ageless Wisdom, who are motivated to present relevant experiences. The site launched late December 2014 with over 300 articles, over 150 audios excerpts, about 15 videos and over 300 photographs plus much, much more and will offer real alternatives to the abnormal way of being so that the evolution of Mankind can be accelerated.

This website is forever offering a way of living that supports our true essence to be our living way.

Through this website, the student body presents to the inquisitive browser a way of life which we know works. For those open to it, the lessons presented by the esoteric teachings are, in our experience, beyond anything else we have tried.

Unimed Living will offer teachings which, when applied to daily living, return humanity to its original way of being and to a higher form of intelligence based on Love. It is all about education and about the choices we make resulting in improved well-being and a purity that will lead to a more joyful, harmonious and loving lifestyle.

It is not about what we do; it is about who we really are and about the choices we make every minute of the day. Life is about attaining well-being or, as Serge Benhayon usually puts it, about “Being in The Livingness”.