Francis Bacon: his Divine Livingness

Francis Bacon: his Divine Livingness

Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was a true Renaissance man – he was a natural philosopher, prolific writer, a divinely impulsed philosopher, barrister, member of parliament and holder of high offices of state. In fact he arose to become one of the most influential men in England.

And yet he was far more than that. He was an incarnation of the Ascended Master St. Germain (also known as the Master R.), who grounded the Light of the Hierarchy that enabled the English Renaissance to flourish, and for Shakespeare to do his work, as well as to the benefit of the whole world. His powerful writing contributed to breaking the stranglehold of Scholasticism, which held the mentality of the universities in thrall. Thus he played a significant role in freeing the world from the bonds of the Dark Ages. And he documented for all to see the four species of ‘pictures’ or ‘images’ that men persist in cherishing, but which prevent them from receiving the multi-dimensional truth that will reveal the magnificence of our true nature and origin.

His greatest gift was his embodiment of The Livingness as a way of life – his great heartedness, his divinity as a lived way, at home, at court, in parliament. He demonstrated to all the fact that we are but vehicles of expression aligned to either the domain of ceaseless unsettlement and fragmentation, or the vibrational state of unification, deep settlement, and truth.

This and many gifts did this divine man leave for us on earth.

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