The Lineage

Throughout the Ages we have always had The Lineage of Great Teachers of the Ageless Wisdom available to us on earth – a Lineage that is a Golden Thread of God ever communicating the truth of the Soul’s Light and the undeniable fact of our divine origins.

The Ageless Wisdom is a living, multi-dimensional, spherical completeness that is Universal and has been around for millions of years – it is not owned by anyone, nor, in fact, does it belong to a ‘Lineage’, because in its entirety it belongs to Universal Space, and not to the realm of time. However, it is called The Lineage because of the fact of the unavoidable path of evolution that is reincarnation, and our perception of time which means that we measure eras and ages on earth in a lineal way.

The teachers of The Lineage walk the earth and live with divinely-inspired energetic integrity upon this disharmonious plane created by those who, aeons ago, walked away from the glory of God’s one-unified and universal way of life to create a bastardised, reduced and loveless copy of the original, sacred way. This counterfeit creation, based on the cult of individuality – ‘I do everything for me and mine’ – has simply not worked, as can be clearly known if we open hearts and eyes to witness the state of play: daily misery, domestic abuse, a continual state of global war, the battle of the sexes, the war of competition, the myth of thinking we think, the corruption of politics and corporate business, religious suppression, endemic lies, and a level of illness and disease that is confounding medical science and bankrupting the coffers of the state, to name but a few of our ill conditions.

Through the centuries, both written and oral history have been laced with interpretation and reinterpretation through the eyes of an array of gatekeepers posing as popes, emperors, kings, queens, politicians, academics, translators, editors, scientists and philosophers. However, the ever-shining truth of the Ageless Wisdom can never be tainted. It is incorruptible. Through forces that power-play, fashioned by religion, politics and the press of the day, the distortions of the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom have not escaped the talons of religious office and political reach – in any century. While the momentum of creation’s bastardisation relentlessly persists in clouding and obscuring the undeniable truth, the imprint of vibrational integrity and energetic truth earthed by these teachers remains forever unsullied, a living fire of multi-dimensional intelligence and universal love, accessible to all.

Those who have brought the sacred wisdom to humankind – Hermes, Imhotep, Buddha, Pythagoras, Yeshua, Hypatia, Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and most recently Serge Benhayon, amongst many others – have come to show us how to extract ourselves from creation’s quicksand of illusion, to find our way back to our magnificent true home. They bring the guidebook of wisdom and the living way that re-ignites the vibration of our natural divinity so that can we live, in our every day, the way of Heaven on earth.

The pure wisdom of the most Ancient of Days streams continuously through thousands of years of history, a golden thread that never leaves, and lives forever within the hearts of all men and women.