The Lineage

History as it has been recorded throughout the ages, in every culture and era, is not our true history. By deliberate omission and reinterpretation, it has been configured in a way that is designed to keep humanity from itself, ignoring and distorting whole parts of our history that if told, have the power to remind us of who we are in full.

True history is the history of humanity’s evolution, the flowering in different ages and places in the world of a way of living that is the expression of our divine essence –and with it a body of living wisdom which stands at the junction of philosophy, religion and science, which works towards restoring Brotherhood on earth. As such, the Ageless Wisdom, as this wisdom has always been known, is actually the very foundation of our civilisation – without it the form of our civilisation is inconceivable, for its hand can be discerned in humanity’s every advance in every age.

The Ageless Wisdom is a very, very ancient lineage, stretching far back into antiquity. This lineage is made up of many whose names are known by history, but also by many whose names are not known, all of whom shared in the quality of a way of living that held our light as who we are, a way to which all of humanity will return, eventually, in their own time and by their own free will. There were always individual representatives of the Ageless Wisdom appearing here and there in Europe, in various parts of the world. Many in this tradition are known by history as the founders of the world religions, the bringers of innovation in science, and philosophers. Yet even with these, the quality of their living way and the essential unity of their contribution to humanity’s unfoldment is not recorded or known by history. This living way has been present in all ages; it may be threatened or eradicated, dispersed, but never is it not with us. Suppressed in one place, it appears in another, carried across space and time, in an unstoppable momentum towards our return once again to a knowing of who we are in full.

The Ageless Wisdom is our past, present and future, it has always been around, and never has it really disappeared. We are all heir to this grand lineage of Ageless Wisdom teachers and students; and we are part of a rising awareness that will transform the world in ways far greater than the Renaissance and far greater than we can imagine.

We are now at the beginning of the new Age, an Age that can change everything. And that is why the religion or religious way, The Way of The Livingness, which represents the true way to live the Ageless Wisdom, is so central to this Age, it is our way to free us from the ensnarement of the temporal world, ‘our slavery to the shadows’ as Krishna calls it. In this Age we finally crawl out of Plato’s cave with all its illusions and see the sun, the symbol of Divinity, in all its splendour. We will free ourselves from the chains of the world, and that is what this life is all about.

The teachers represented here all offered signposts to a way of living that would liberate us from the bonds of creation. In this New Era the teachings are more readily available and more needed than ever – as the erosion of civic life in many parts of the world reminds us daily. In the end we will all return to the truth of who we are; that is the promise of this Age. Enjoy this offering of our true history in these pages.