The Ageless Wisdom and Crimes Against Humanity

The purest movement in time is the love that we are. It has been there since the beginning of time, and remains within each and every one of us always. But as a human race in the 21st century we do not live in the knowing or celebration of this immutable fact, and we haven’t for a very long time. We have walked away from our inner-most essence, the Godliness within. In doing so, we have settled for the world we now see around us, where people’s capacity for cruelty never ceases to shock us. Everywhere we look we see a world of grotesque distortions posing as the way it is, thinking that the way it is, is the way it must be, when in actual fact it has always been the way it is not.

The crimes against humanity we are familiar with, and rightly recoil from, have an originating seed. No man or woman when in connection to their Soul can abuse another. How can they, when they are bathed in the knowing that we all come from the one Soul, the one divine Essence and the one unified Truth? But remove this inner-most connection from any man or woman, and they will no longer be themselves. Wayward behaviour follows and for some the pain of separation is so great that the actions they commit amass to the horrors we have seen throughout history, to this day.

The crimes against humanity that fill the many pages of history books, which have prompted international institutions and treaties to be drawn up for our protection, are the end result of the ultimate crime against our fellow brothers – and that is, our choice to disconnect from the grandness we are.

This is the originating seed. To reduce ourselves to 3-dimensional human form alone with functional and animalistic tendencies, and a rational intellect that unrelentingly seeks recognition for itself, is a gross reduction of our entire being. We stand amongst each other annihilated in our own abuse of self, well before we seek any outward act of annihilation in response to the pain within.

Here we explore this originating seed. We bring to the fore the crimes against humanity that have taken place from the beginning of time, and we see the thread that only we as a human race can break. Harmony and brotherhood are our inalienable rights, known by all from within, but rarely in the world today actually lived.

We have settled for what we are not, and that is the biggest crime. Let your inner-most knowing be rekindled as you read through these pages and remember the glory that was once lived, and can be lived again, as it is already by many.