Learning from those who have walked the path a little further

This book reminds us of our divine origins and the connection to our Soul.

Learning from those who have walked the path a little further

Every time I open a book by Serge Benhayon, there is something that catches my attention and makes me think about life a little deeper. It’s like a stop moment in time when I can feel what life is truly about.

In today’s society, everything seems to go at such a fast pace all of the time – that is why I deeply appreciate when I give myself these moments to stop and connect back to what I feel is the deeper meaning in life.

This time I opened up the book The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy at page 243 and I read:

Where does this work come from? This work comes from those who have walked the path a little further, and thus they stand in the simplicity, having done and mastered the complexity, and so as your loving equal brothers they offer you an easier road than theirs. This is how love works and this is how the soul serves.

When it is written about “the work” you might wonder what work are we talking about . . ? For me, “the work” is the path of reuniting with our soul and that takes a little bit of “work” if we can use that term.

Being connected to our Soul and being soul-impulsed can seem a bit hard in this world of ours, but it’s not really. It’s just that so much in our society is not made to reflect that we come from Soul or that we have a divine origin – often you could say that it’s the complete opposite – and I totally agree. Not much 'out there' is geared towards us finding our way back to who we truly are, but luckily, if we can use that term, there are those who have held on to what they know is true and from them we can learn and be inspired.

It’s not actually hard to live in a way we deeply know is true, it’s just that we have to rid ourselves of all the ideals and beliefs we have about how life is to be lived. If we listen within, our Soul will easily guide us through life.

Serge is for me one of those who have “walked the path a little further” and from him I can learn how to make choices as to how to live a life here on earth, being fully connected to whatever is needed to be done with all the practicalities that entails, but still being fully connected to my Soul and my divine origins.

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  • By Matts Josefsson