The kingly body – building a connection with your Soul

The kingly body – building a connection with your Soul

The kingly body – building a connection with your Soul

The truth is – we are Divine. Are we willing to accept that ... ?

We have a Soul, which is the spark of Divinity, or absolute unconditional love, that we come from. We do not always act that way, but none of that changes the fact that, whatever we do, and however we may behave, we are actually still Divine.

There are many trappings to get us caught in life – many things to be tempted by, many things we think we want and need. And for some time – quite some time for many or most – we think those are the important things in life. But deep, deep down we know there is more – much more. Yet, for a while (for as long as we choose), we are somewhat enamoured by the physical world, and we seek pleasure and relief from and in it.

But that can only go on for so long. For if we are actually Divine – and so very much more than all of this – then it is only a matter of time before all of the offerings and entrapments of the physical world are not really going to be enough for us any more.

A time comes along when we say: “There has to be more than this.”

Generally, this comes when we have had our fair share of suffering, of discomfort, pain (whether physical or emotional), and when the allure of all those temptations in life – food as reward, exciting movies, dramatic encounters, worrying about everyone else’s problems or gossiping about them, relationship up and downs, bickering, fast cars, the latest gadgets, and so on and so on – no longer have the same hold over us any more. It’s like we realise we’ve had blinkers on, and that we’ve been seeing only part of the picture.

In effect, it’s like we’ve been asleep, and we’re starting to wake up ...

This is a glorious moment – a moment when we are effectively setting ourselves free – and what emerges from this, is our Will to make life more, stemming from our inner-most knowing that, in-truth it is and should be so much more than all the physical world can offer.

"Our true evolution is to create a love-filled body (the kingly form) so that we can enhouse and thus express the light of the Soul. "

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 571

In fact, what we truly are, and what we come from – is of a magnificence that no physical act can replicate. However, this is not to say that we cannot experience our Divinity and the amazingness of who we are, whilst in a human body, because we can.

In fact, what if the purpose of us being here – is not to:

  • Climb the corporate ladder
  • Be better than our neighbours
  • Get as much money as possible so we can allay our fears of not having enough
  • Live in a big house, drive a fast car, have a good looking partner, have successful kids ...

You get the picture ...

What if our purpose in life is to actually make our body into a body of love? Sound far fetched? Perhaps it does – but if we are prepared to admit it – isn’t that what we all really want, a body and a life of love?

Not the emotional, sucking, needy kind of love (which is not really love at all, but a very poor substitute) but the true love, which just is – an embodiment, a beholding, a stillness and a just-being, that just is and needs naught, for it is already the all.

Imagine feeling so at-one with yourself, so at home in your own body, that you actually felt Divine – literally. Would that not be beautiful? Well, not only is that possible, but it is our natural state.

Hear Serge Benhayon speak about the inner-heart and the Kingly body.

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It could be said that the birth of The Way of The Livingness began 2,500 years ago with Pythagoras and the ensuing Pythagoreans. However the principles of purpose and dedication towards responsibility, towards love, towards developing the Kingly or Divine body have not changed.

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