It is one of the greatest illusions we live under that the human spirit and the Soul are one and the same thing and that these bodies of light exist in some far off ethereal realm far removed from our day to day living. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our Soul is a body of love and light that we can connect to through every particle of our physical body. It is very real, very normal and very simple. It is the place where true love, truth, harmony, stillness and joy reside. On the other hand, our spirit is a body of lesser light. It is the fragment that walked away from the whole that is the Soul and in this fragmented state began to craft a way of living that is not impulsed by the love and light of our true origins.

So what happens when we remove love from the equation?

We all know that things are not right in our world. We have war, torture, exhaustion, ill health, abuse, poverty, violence, hypocrisy, corruption or to put it all under one word, lovelessness everywhere. The reason we know this lovelessness is not right is because love is who we all are at essence and where we come from. As love is our natural state, it stands that, to not live this love, is our most unnatural way of being.

In other words – we are Divine – but the way we currently live life on Earth is far from the divinity we come from and that we deep down know ourselves to be. The problem is that the wayward spirit thinks it is divine, rather than a separated aspect of the divine and so, in this separated state we make decisions that are not based on love. Thus, it is our spirit that is the one behind all that is harmful and unloving on this planet and therefore cannot be the ‘divine being’ that it claims itself to be.

It is essential to be aware of the difference between these two expressions so that we can call out all that is not love that has come to take root within us and return to our Divine origins. We are here to evolve BACK to our Divine body of pure love ~ the Soul. We say evolve back, because the union of Soul and spirit is our origin and natural way of being.

As the audio below presents “the difference between spirit and Soul is one of the most important teachings you could ever listen to”.

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The difference between spirit and Soul

The difference between spirit and Soul is one of the most important teachings you could ever listen to. The Soul is Divine and it works with love only and the spirit works with everything that is not love. The spiritual journey is to render the spirit naught so that you can become Soul-full.

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Connecting to your Soul

What is it really like to be connected to your Soul?

"No amount of money can buy the yumminess you can have in your body if you are prepared to make it Soul-full."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 125

When we live the love that we are we feel full and complete. But to live in separation to this sets up an aching emptiness and loneliness for the beauty and magic we deep down know we come from and that we are an important piece of, but as yet are still rejecting. This ache is always felt, so in an attempt to not feel it we have created a way of living that numbs us to its existence and to the fact that there are only ever two sources of energy from which to choose to live by and express though and these are: all that is love (Soul) OR, all that is not love (spirit).

Therefore it is very worthwhile and freeing to understand and experience the difference between the two. The first step is to be open to the possibility that these two energies exist. Once you are open to that it becomes increasingly simple and life changing to differentiate.

"We need to deal with our hurts, for if we do not, the mind is never yours, that is, a hurt being will not accept the grand love the Soul is. Holding on to hurts is in-truth a judgment. The Soul, like its Divine Father, God, does not judge. Therefore, you cannot accept the fullness of your Soul whilst you keep it out, by holding on to the hurts that you have misinterpreted as hurts that come from others instead of seeing the personal choices that led to those ‘hurts’ being a reflection of the choices themselves."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 586

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The difference between happiness and joy

You will never want to be happy if you have experienced joy.

Below are a whole series of revelatory quotes - each one worth pondering deeper and it could be an entire book of its own with the depth of wisdom and freedom it offers:

From the history of the word we learn that…

The word Soul comes from the old English word 'sawol/sawel' meaning 'soul, life, being, spirit'. It appears to derive from a German concept via the Greek word 'psyche' meaning 'life, spirit, breath, consciousness, the invisible principal which animates, occupies and directs the physical body. The word psyche in turn derives from the verb ‘to cool, to blow’, thus referring to the vital breath, to the very essence and principal giving life and animating every living thing – in other words, the Divine spark. Also the Latin word anima refers to the vital breath which in truth originates from the one breath we are all connected to which is the divine breath of God.

These three words Soul, psyche and anima all refer to the vital principle or essence that is beyond, although working through, the physical body. This essence, our essence, is eternal, immutable, ever existing and for which there is neither birth nor death.

The very fact that the terms soul and spirit both pertain in their original context to the ‘vital breath’ of God, indicates that the spirit’s true home is and always was in union with the Soul well before we chose to separate and pursue individuality. However, as we now live predominantly through the light of the spirit in separation to Soul, these terms in our current context can never be used as synonyms as they are so carelessly used today.

"We ought to consider that the Soul, and its way of being human is one of love, truth, stillness, joy and harmony. And, the Soul loves to work and or study whatever is necessary to bring a greater more aware life to being human. The Soul, that is, being human under its impulse, is also a very, very practical way of being. Our Soul, although containing an all-knowing universal state of being, which it energetically gets from God, is equally very matter-of-fact and real-world-realistic and not in any way dismissive of human life and its labours. Therefore, a Soulful way of being is a way of being that is not exclusive but rather super inclusive by the nature of the energy that is behind it all and that energy being Fiery."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 555

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The five principles of God

A beautiful presentation on the five principles of God and the key to being part of the flow of life.

Our Soul is forever, consistently and lovingly impulsing us to return to the love that we are. And in our current era, more than ever before, the Light of the Soul is readily and simply available and accessible for each and every one of us to connect with, if we so choose. However, in order for love to be reinstated as our one true way of living and our one true body of light that we express through here on Earth, we need to renounce our spiritual imposter and relinquish our loveless ways and admit that the futile existence we live in separation to the grander Whole that we know we are a part of, is so clearly not working.

The simple truth is that we are forever being magnetically pulled by the grace of God to return to that which we truly are as we renounce that which we truly are not. As we begin to discard all we have come to allow in the way of our love, we are able to see that who we are is so much more magnificent than whom we currently play ourselves to be.

The path back to our Soul is through the love we are able to live within our bodies and with each other and hence, the Soul is not some lofty, mystical, celestial body that we can escape to in order to not feel the horror of the world. It is a gorgeous body of pure Love that actually calls us to be more present in our physical bodies and engaged in daily life in a very real and practical way. It is therefore pure illusion to seek it elsewhere or think it to be otherwise. Our Soul is who we are and we are LOVE.

"If only we all knew, again, that is, became aware again that there is indeed an Immortal Spirit making human life happen, and that we can stop it by choosing true love, and thus pull-in that body of love known as the Soul, we would have a form of human life that is truly what we innately all know it can be – true love. It is a fact that we can all remember what it is like in Heaven or Shamballa. That memory is buried very deep in our spiritual body. It is held in a part of our spiritual vehicle that is known as the Egoic aspect. It is in this place or state of being that the spirit, having brought back its Will from its lower aspects, is able to choose to return to Soul."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 521

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