No longer foreign, but a real part of me

A woman shares how she came to read the books and her love for  them.

No longer foreign, but a real part of me

I walked past the purple coloured books written by Serge Benhayon (they were on my mother's bookshelves) for years without ever wanting to read one. I did on occasion pick one up and browsed through it, but it seemed too foreign to me to continue.

However, a couple of years ago, after listening to some audio recordings of presentations by Serge, I felt almost desperate to read one. I started with The Way It Is and I ploughed through it quickly and easily, almost devouring it, nodding in agreement with the information presented: it seemed to me that there was no other possibility than what these books were saying.

Now I love reading them, picking out one at random, and always finding what I need at that moment in the book I 'randomly' chose. I feel so still, calm and full in myself when I read them now… no longer foreign, but a real part of me.

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  • By Suzanne Anderssen, B.Com, Dip Av

    Keeping my sense of fun alive while living a purposeful life is key to my own well-being. Spending time with farm animals, my job in aviation, long walks at sunrise, reading the purple books, and spinach and blueberry smoothies seem to help too.

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