Serge Benhayon’s books – a lifetime study

Serge Benhayon’s books are a lifetime study of the Ageless Wisdom.

Serge Benhayon’s books – a lifetime study

I remember several years ago – in the beginning of my studies of the Esoteric way of life – I often took the first book The Way It Is by Serge Benhayon into my hands at the presentations to see if I might like to read it. But for quite a while I did not understand anything I read.

So I did not see the point in buying it, having had the same experience with the write-ups from the Arcane presentation series by Universal Medicine at the time. I could read whole paragraphs several times and still have no clue what they were about. I could listen to them and understand/feel a bit more. What I felt, a sense of truth and sincerity, a sense of something I had looked for most of my life and had not found in drugs, gurus, competitive sport etc, was enough to keep me drawn to coming back.

Expressing my concern about "not getting it" to another student the suggestion was to persevere; it would fall into place one day. And it did. The books, writings and presentations started slowly to make sense to me. I also got used to the sometimes awkward way of wording; English not being my first language.

I ended up reading the 3rd book, The Way of Initiation, first. It seemed easier to read. After a while I slowly connected to what I was reading. Also helped by going to the presentations, I started to feel the books more, whereas I had tried to get them with my head only in the beginning. I learned the real meaning of some words, not only because English is my second language, but also because we are told/taught a wrong meaning of them. For example, the word esoteric is not something ‘mysterious’ or ‘only for a select few’, but simply means from our inner heart/knowing; living esoterically meaning ‘living our own inner truth and nobody else’s’.

Then I got really into it and sometimes did not want to stop reading.

Now the books are mainly what I read and I feel I can read them over and over again because there is always something new I discover and understand. What is in them is HUGE.

They are really a lifetime study.

What is in these books is huge, presenting the age-old and ageless wisdom.

By now I also am fascinated by all the other books and the two compilations Esoteric and Exoteric Philosophy and Esoteric Teachings and Revelations are so valuable for just a short read, I often find a reminder or a pointer to reconnect to myself or help to understand a situation better, or a deepening of a moment.

These books have all the wisdom and support of the Heavens in them and I am deeply appreciating what they have brought to my daily life. Without these books and the presentations, my life would be less amazing, joy-full and purpose-full. After depression, years of not sleeping well and a life of numbing myself with all sorts of different means, I feel more of my real amazing self now and also start feeling this awesomeness in other people.

The books have reawakened in me what I always seem to have known in my inner heart to be true.

They simply make sense if you let (allow) them in.

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  • By Ingrid Langenbruch, Former health practitioner, founder and director of a Wellbeing Centre in Sydney, retired

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