Returning to our essence

Meditation by Serge Benhayon - Returning to our essence

Returning to our essence

Have you ever felt something is missing in your life?

Would you like to live with a truly beautiful, loving person?

Would you like to have a lot more energy and a lot less stress?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, read on!

Guess what... YOU are the answer. You already are everything you have been looking for.

Every human being has a true essence that is always there but not always consciously connected to and rarely lived from. In essence we are all the same - we differ only in our expression.

Unfortunately the world does not operate in a way that reminds us of our essence or to live it – quite the opposite in fact. From young we are bombarded with nothing but why and how to not be our true selves and why we are not enough.

Not honouring our true essence means existing in separation to ourselves and to each other; creating an angst or tension that is forever calling us back to who we truly are.

  • We try to drown out that tension with food, drugs, alcohol, success, failure or the zillion techniques we use to distract ourselves, but sooner or later we feel it again, forever calling us back to who we truly are.
  • The ridiculous thing is that what we are running away from - our true selves - is glorious beyond anything imaginable, and what we actually want more than any-thing in the world.
  • It is inevitable that we all will eventually return to our true essence, but we make things hard by delaying that return.

Why would we want to delay living a glorious life, joyfully connected to ourselves and to others?

It is a good question … and one well worth pondering.

The audio excerpt ‘Standing in the Way of Your Essence’ gives a really good summary about our essence, what gets in our way and why, and how once we reconnect, it can be hard to stay there.

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Standing in the way of your essence

Find out what is so amazing about living in your essence, what gets in the way and what to do about that.

As Serge Benhayon said:

"The more we know about our true essence, the more we can come back to who we really are."

Serge Benhayon

The Gentle Breath Meditation® is a great energetic bridge to knowing our essence.

Many free audio Gentle Breath Meditations® can be downloaded here. They are simple, fun, only take about 10 minutes and provide the practical tools to support reconnecting to your inner-most self - your divine essence.

There is a huge amount on this Unimed Living website to support us to deeply re-connect to our true essence.

All we need is to recognise or even consider that we may have this amazing true essence within and then make the choice to either directly reconnect to it or investigate for ourselves if this is true.

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