In truth there can only be one truth – as truth is truth.

An Open Letter to Humanity – a testimonial

In truth there can only be one truth – as truth is truth.

"Truth: a reached point that unites all and thus lays to rest any argument that will separate human beings."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 72

I love this excerpt from Serge Benhayon’s 8th book, 'An Open Letter to Humanity'.

In reality there can only be one truth, as truth is truth. There can't be ‘your truth’ and ‘my truth’. Different religions have their own versions of truth, as they see it. Hence all the arguments, infighting, the wars and killing of our fellow men – all in the name of truth! When we can all see the bigger picture we will get ourselves out of the way. Then we can accept the truth as it truly is. I can't think this, but have to feel it.

When I am focussed on my way of seeing things, there is no understanding of the other’s point of view. I used to think, "That is my truth". This was a very centralised view, just looking at my individual perspective.

I am learning now that I can ask myself at any given point in my day, "What is the truth of this situation?" This helps me rise above the unnecessary focus on my individual situation and become more aware of the whole. I feel myself expand and connect to something bigger than just myself. Thus, as Serge's quote states, there is no separation when I feel deeper below the surface, knowing we are all one.

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  • Photography: Nico van Haastrecht, Electrical Engineer, writer and photographer

    From observing life I learn what life in truth is about; that there are two qualities of light to choose from that either confirms you are part of The Plan or confirms you in being in the creation of a collective desire.