A testimonial by Janet Williams on Serge Benhayon’s series of books.

Serge's Books have been a constant resource for me in my life. I don’t often read them and yet, when I feel to, they always provide me with a connecting point to a truth that is relevant to whatever it is I am seeking to bring to light within myself.

I have never found them hard to read, I think because I appreciate that a profound understanding of the whole of life and humanity is contained within the pages, and I would not expect myself to be able to grasp it all (or even a whole chapter) in one sitting, as you can do with other books.

There is so much that is given in one paragraph that it can change your life, provide you with a deeper awareness of how things actually are, and confirm something that you have always known.

These books are a gift to the world.

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  • By Janet Williams, BA Hons

    I find people fascinating, and love discovering how uniquely amazing we all are. Spending time surrounded by trees gives me perspective, as does looking up at the stars.