The true power in reading Serge Benhayon's books

The True Power In Reading Serge Benhayon's Books

The true power in reading Serge Benhayon's books

Serge’s books are life-changing. Just taking a book into my hand sets me up energetically in a loving way, before I have even read it. For me they are the living magic of God.

It’s impossible to read them when it’s not the right time to read, they call me when there is a bit that I should read to move on during the day. They help with building a loving relationship with myself – and from there with everybody else. And I mean: Everybody!

All my life it has been my wish to feel love for all equally. With the help of these books I found my way of living this – ever practising!

Serge's books don’t work with fancy techniques to find happiness. I tried that for a long time with other books on philosophy, spiritual knowledge etc. only to find out that in the end my day doesn’t allow the time to do all the techniques and that the techniques simply don’t truly work.

The way Serge's books present truth in a super-loving non-imposing way, touches the very core of my loving innermost. It works more through reminding than through teaching.

What I read is what feels already known to me. Being reminded the awareness thus becomes my daily-lived-reality instantly.

Truly powerful!

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  • By Felix Kremer, geb. Schumacher, Health Practitioner