I like these books – everything fits together and makes sense

A testimonial by Eunice Minford on Serge Benhayon’s series of books

I like these books – everything fits together and makes sense

For anyone who is seriously seeking answers about life, God and the human condition, I highly recommend the books by Serge Benhayon – they are filled with true power and wisdom. The first book I read was 'The Way It Is' and I initially found it a bit of a struggle to read as there were lots of new terms that I wasn't familiar with, but even so it felt like I was finally finding answers to long-held questions that no-one had been able to answer.

I love the whole subject of Esoteric Philosophy and The Way It Is and A Treatise on Consciousness are two books that I really enjoy re-reading. It's as if a different subject or topic speaks to me in a new way each time, or I understand it more deeply.

'Esoteric Teachings and Revelations' and 'Esoteric and Exoteric Philosophy – The Sayings' are my 'go to' books when I am just looking for a nugget of wisdom; usually where I open the page has the perfect saying or revelation for me that day. They are a joy to read and just make so much sense. These are good books for those who are new to Esoteric Philosophy, along with 'The Way of Initiation'.

Initially I found 'The Way of Initiation' easier to read and understand than 'The Way It Is' or 'A Treatise on Consciousness' as I was unfamiliar with some of the terminology and concepts in the latter two books. However, now they are all a joy to read. 'The Way of Initiation' is also very relevant to our daily lives; it would make a great 'first read' for those who are keen to know what Esoteric Philosophy is all about.

What I particularly like about these books is that everything fits together and makes sense: areas or questions that I had previously struggled with are now understood in a bigger picture where nothing is left out.

I had previously read tons of books on spiritual wisdom from all traditions but none brought the completeness and wholeness of Truth that I have found in this collection.

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  • By Dr Eunice Minford, MBChB MA Dipl Clin Ed FRCS Ed

    Eunice Minford works as a Consultant General Surgeon. She has trained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor and has an MA in Applied Spirituality.