Have you ever wondered what Truth truly is?

Is it possible for my truth to be different to your truth?

Can something be true today and not true tomorrow?

Is there any connection between truth and right and wrong?

In line with pretty much every word exposed in Unimedpedia, the true energetic meaning of truth has been hugely corrupted. So what is the truth about Truth?

"One of the most destructive forces on earth is the re-interpretation of truth, which translates to being an act that corrupts and debases the truth. Through the corruption of truth we have the ultimate weapon – divisiveness. If you and I have two different meanings for the same word, and we can live those two different meanings, then we are divided by the assumed authority of our truth, an interpretation we are prepared to stand for, and in many cases, some people will fight to uphold their truth. But, what if the truth we assume or think or believe is true, is in fact not ‘the truth’? The deceiving deep ill of having differing truths means that one of us is going to be right and the other one wrong or, potentially, both of us can be wrong. In differing truths, we both cannot be right because there is a difference, and besides, energy is or it is not, that is, energy does not have two meanings. And therefore, there is only one Truth, and that is the Energetic Truth."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 7

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The truth of truth

If a truth is a truth, then it must be the same for everybody equally.

Truth is Unifying

Have you ever noticed how many wars are fought over so called truth - my belief or truth versus yours? This is a complete lie, because Truth is always unifying and in truth we are one. As Serge Benhayon presents:

True truth is one-unifying

True truth is a place we all arrive at together

True truth creates no differences and thus no separation

True truth allows two and thus the many and hence all to be in harmony with each other

True truth allows one to come to it when one is ready, and eventually, that one will come to where everybody else will also come to

And therefore, that end place where we can all come to and unite together – by the same and one common truth – is a terminal point where we can say – it is our truth.

‘Truth’, should be constant terminal, that is, a place that we all come to, or go to together where a constant agreement is reached that fulfils all equally, for if not, there is no unity and no true truth. Consider that the angry person sees it one way, the frustrated person sees it in another, and the sadness carrying person sees it in yet another light. It is easy to see how people, families and thus society are in such turmoil with one another. All see it differently and thus separation has a source of power.

Serge Benhayon, The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, ed 1, p 151

Truth is a quality of the Soul and as such it resides deep within us all regardless of our nationality, culture, philosophical or ideological background or whether we choose to access it or not. This means that the real Truth has to be a one derived point that serves all equally because it is an ‘absoluteness’ and a ‘known’ that we can all reconnect to within us whenever we choose to. The moment we go ‘out there’ in search of truth, we are lost - for how can we find something we already are? And while Truth may be expressed in a glorious variety of ways depending on the specific flavour each and every one of us bring to the equation when we speak from our essence, it is essentially the same substance in each of us because it is the same source we are accessing.

"With honesty we can eventually arise to the true meaning of the word ‘truth’ – a one unified and one unifying set of principles that serve all equally."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 402

Honesty is the bridge to Truth

As the selection of audio below share, honesty is a great bridge to Truth.

It allows us to capture what is not true and also to accept the truth we already know.

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Honesty and Truth

What is the difference between honesty and truth?

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Honesty is a great bridge to truth

Honesty comes before truth is known.

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Truth and absolute honesty

The difference between Truth and absolute honesty and why in some situations we should say “I don’t like the truth”

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Philosophy, honesty, humbleness and truth

Find out why your most honest moment may not be true, how humbleness considers everyone, some great relationship tips and more in this revelatory and practical audio.

Truth is Energetic

Truth is not about using the right or correct words. Two people can write or speak exactly the same words and one will be true and the other a lie. It is the energy of Truth that unifies when it is expressed and not simply the words that are spoken.

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Truth is found in energy not words

How you live comes first and then words are there to complement that.

"The enigma and subsequent problem with the subject of truth remains. And it does to our unmeasurable detriment. So much so is the subject of truth a field of deliberate deception that one needs to use the terms 'absolute truth', 'actually true', 'I promise it’s true' or 'I give you my word it is true' to rise above the expected deficit or possible falsehood. And this is because of the bastardisation of words. Words were once truth; an expression that defined a lived way, behaviour or understood resolve. Nowadays most words are weapons that either distort or bury the truth. And I emphasise ordinance here because the intent has been strategic. If you alter the meaning of words you can lie to the masses while they will hold you as an emblem of truth and true good. This is what we have allowed. The sooner the energetic truth is restored, the sooner we will rid ourselves of this immense perverting plague."

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations of The Livingness, Volume III, ed 1, p 155

Truth is free of right and wrong

How many wars have been fought on the ideas of right or wrong or my belief against your belief or my way versus your way – but none of these things are True.

Even in the home and in relationships how many battles are fought around right and wrong – what I did or said was right and you were wrong and so forth.

What might be right for me might be wrong for you whilst Truth is true for all.

"Which came first, right or wrong? Most will say that right came first then wrong was made of right. But the fact is that in the beginning, and still remaining, there was only Truth; no wrong and no right. Truth was distorted, chosen to be interpreted then reinterpreted rather than just lived as it is there to be lived and be enriched by all, for all, equally. Hence, wrong came first. The living of all that was not Truth was and is in fact wrong; wrong with regard to its disorder when compared to the universal order that defines what is Truth. And so, when the inevitable sting of wrong is experienced, the vagrant who chose to indulge in disorder corrects the error by creating its opposite. Thus, right was born and ‘right’ being the righteous arm of wrong; simply, right is the seeming opposite behaviour of what is known, deemed and or has been discovered to be wrong, but in-truth it is one and the same light appearing in different forms. Truth, therefore, is free of wrong and right."

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations of The Livingness, Volume III, ed 1, p 337

Truth is Whole

Truth is the Whole we are a part of. When we express the truth that we are, we are in harmony with this Wholeness and there is a sense of great joy and settlement because we are aligned to the whole and not expressing at odds to it. And just as the mighty sun that lights up our otherwise darkened sky cannot be snuffed out, so too can the essence of Truth not be corrupted or tainted in any way, it can only be deviated from and this deviation in the grand scheme of things is momentary in much the same way as the transient clouds move in to temporarily mask the light of the sun and thereby create shadows. But as we well know, the sun never really ‘goes away’; it simply becomes veiled to us so we can no longer feel the richness of its warmth. Metaphorically speaking this is exactly what happens when we disconnect from Truth - we plunge ourselves into the energetic darkness of the lies that prevent us from accessing the beauty and richness within us.

"Before you can get to the truth of anything you have to establish to what depth we don’t have truth – otherwise the whole truth is not accepted."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 208

Truth is a quality of the Soul

Truth is a member of the Soul family together with Love, Harmony, Joy and Stillness.

This family always travel together so for something to be true there must be love, if it is not harmonious it is not true, there is great joy in truth and the settlement of stillness.

Expressing the Truth

As the many Unimedpedia entries show language, expression and words have been gravely manipulated to present anything but the truth – this is significant and of great harm to all of us. We complain about all sort of travesties that whilst horrendous pale in comparison to the evil and great harm that we allow through the bastardisation of words.

"Evil cannot stop the truth, so it seeks to pollute it."

Serge Benhayon Teachings & Revelations of The Livingness, Volume III, ed 1, p 79

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Truth in expression

A great expose on how our expression can either heal or harm and how truth always comes from the heart.

Truth and the Body

The esoteric teachings always remind us to reconnect with our physicality and not attempt to transcend it. This is because the body is made up of particles that belong to the Universe we are birthed from and as such these particles are in constant communication with this grand source of intelligence. Our body is our greatest friend and one very worth taking care of and listening to.

When we reconnect to the truth we are, it naturally sings through every particle of our body and reignites the flame of love within our heart so that every word we speak and every move we make is imbued with this beauty. When we allow our body (our vehicle of expression) to be used in this way and sourced from Divinity, our physicality can become a beacon of light that may inspire others to arise themselves out of the ‘shadows’. Many of us have at least one person in our lives, be that someone we have met in person or not, that has inspired us with something they have said or written or maybe not even voiced at all but communicated it through the grace and absoluteness of their movements. This is how Truth speaks to us - from body to body so that nobody is left behind.

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Presenting the living truth

When we separate from our essence our body is able to tell us that we are living in a way that is not true or natural for us hence the many illnesses and woes experienced in the world today.

Feeling the Truth

We cannot think ourselves into truth, we can only ever feel our way into it. This is the true meaning of the word clairsentience – the ability to clearly feel what it is we are sensing with our whole body. This means that Truth is reconnected to via every part and particle of the human body and never solely through the mind. Therefore, if we bludgeon the body with substances that either dull or stimulate it (be that through the type of food we eat, thoughts we have or reactions we seek) then we are actually eroding our connection to Truth.

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Clairsentience – feeling the truth

Clairsentience is the ability to clearly feel feelings. In the end that is the only way to ever know the whole truth.

"There is a saying – ‘the Universe is constantly communicating, have you been all ears?’ Light-heartedly and at the same time quite accurately the same teaching can also be stated this way – the space all around you is loudly shouting out all of our great truths; remove the earmuffs you have put on and start listening."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 152

Living and Expressing the Truth

Truth is not only in our words, but also in every movement, word and thought.

We are all responsible for the world we see and experience. It only takes one person to truly start living and expressing truth and others reignite and say ‘yes that is my truth too’ for true truth is the same for all.

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The responsibility of expressing truth

There is much more to expression than we acknowledge. This audio presents the importance and power of our true expression and the consequences of holding it back.

"With regard to expressing and living the truth in full, it is to be known that once this decision has been made, and its living way is what forms your truth with no need for a belief to hold it so, the next stage is to hold solid the what is and not waver at, by or from whatever the what is not hurls at you."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 151

When we each reconnect to the Truth within us and learn to express and hold steady with it, we unveil the true voice of humanity that is the very tool that dismantles the great evil that has kept us in separation to each other and to our divine essence for so long. In this way we as a global society can begin to rebuild and redefine the systems and structures we have created so that these reflect the truth we are instead of representing all that we are not. When we voice this truth together, the drone of evil is drowned out by the magnificence of the One Song that sounds within us always.

If ever the seeming weight of the world seems unsurmountable, or we think that our voice does not matter or cannot make a difference, always remember that:

“The voice of the many is far more powerful than the evil of a few” ~ Serge Benhayon

We are all born from Truth and to this Truth we will all eventually return.

"The insatiable search for the highest truth that is naturally within us all must not ever be allowed to be repressed. We seek more simply because we come from more, that is, we are more. "

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 291

Teachings of Serge Benhayon presented and compiled by Nicola Lessing and Liane Mandalis

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