The beginning of wonderful changes in my life

Oliver Hallock shares about his experience of reading Serge Benhayon’s Books.

The beginning of wonderful changes in my life

For nearly three years now I've been reading Serge Benhayon's series of books. And from day one, after turning the first few pages, I knew each and every page was fundamental to the truth of everything: it resonated deeply with me and I have since studied the teachings with gusto.

I feel what is most important about these books is that whether one proceeds with reading a little or a lot, in my experience I could not deny the truth of what I'd read. Or said differently, it is wise to consider that one may be denying oneself if one was not considering what Serge presents.

My way was to read over and over again and to re-learn innate truths, liberating myself from the mould that school, parents, myself and society generally have cast me in.

It would be fair to say that reading Serge's books has been the beginning of a cascade of wonderful changes in my life.

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  • By Oliver Hallock

    I am interested in all things of the inner world. After many years exploring the globe, I now run my own business and love to pursue advancement for both personal and professional reasons in the arena of self-responsibility based health care.