I am a student of The Way of the Livingness

What does this mean?

It means I am free.
Free to be a student of life rather than the recipient of an existence.
It means I have a benchmark of joy and vitality that is our natural right and our eventual new normal.
It means I am free of the interests of industry or recognition, of culture and of established religion.
I am free of counter-culture and atheism and of game playing or sports obsessions.
I am free of violence and emotional love and of obliging to appease.
I am free to think without paradigms and express without constructs.
I am not beholden to drugs or caffeine, to smoke screens or TV screens.
I am free to know my body as a science that belongs to me and to the Universe all at once.

I am free to be love without measure and to know God by the quality of my own breath.

I am free to know my Brothers and Sisters as the Sons of God they are.
It means I am free to feel the energy that precedes each choice and informs each thought.
And to choose the energy that is not counter to the love and delicateness that I am.
I am free to know true Free-Will.
I am free to know the light we come from and the light we are all re-turning to.
And I am free to be inspired by that same light in others wherever that true light might shine.

With love and appreciation to Serge Benhayon, the leading light in soul-full living for the new era and founder of the Way of the Livingness: a Religion with no exclusivity or barrier to entry save the will to re-connect to your own inner-heart and the natural sacredness which resides inside us all equally.

And in equal appreciation of all the Students of the Way of the Livingness and ALL people generally. Inside each of us is the same spark that serves as a constant reminder to know that spark and to express it in full.

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  • By Rebecca Asquith, BA

    Internet professional, media educator, writer, producer and presenter Rebecca has a keen interest in the intersection between media & communication and our health & wellbeing.