This book has become part of my daily rhythm and this is a huge support

Esoteric and Exoteric Philosophy, the Sayings – by Author Serge Benhayon

This book has become part of my daily rhythm and this is a huge support

There have been many quote and sayings books published over time but none are like Serge Benhayon’s Esoteric and Exoteric Philosophy, The Sayings. I can honestly say that this book has provided so much support for my life.

I have read many of Serge Benhayon’s books and what I always loved about them is there was always a section in the one I was reading that would resonate with me deeply. I would then get my pencil and underline that certain paragraph and sit with it, often re-reading it over a few days … sometimes even writing it down and putting it on the fridge. When I first heard about “The Sayings” book I knew I had to buy it. Here was a book that would have the teachings, excerpts of truth and Ageless Wisdom and sayings I had been connecting to through Serge’s other books and presentations all in the one text. What an amazing opportunity to have this as part of my book collection.

The first saying I ever read from Book 6 “The Sayings” was on page 403:

"Be who you truly are all else will take care of itself."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy

I could feel the truth radiating from these 12 words and loved its simplicity. I could feel that this was everything and if I chose to live from my true self life would be full of joy and harmony.

I also remember marveling at how I came to find this saying, that fitted so perfectly with what I needed to hear. I didn’t scan every page and look for the perfect saying … I had done this with other “quote” books in the past. There was something different about this book like it called me to be with myself before I read it.

So, I simply sat with myself, allowed my breath to be gentle and connected to my body. As I sat there I felt the texture of the book in my hands, I closed my eyes and opened the book and here was the saying I absolutely needed to read. This has become my ritual every time I read Book 6. There is not an ounce of wanting to get the “right” saying when I do this or a mental “willing” of the book to speak to me. It is simply an allowing and knowing that when I am connected to who I truly am the “saying” that is true and needed for that moment will be there. This has been a huge healing for me to let go of control and to accept that whenever I am with myself truth and true support will be there for me.

Reading “The Sayings” is part of my every day. I start my day by checking in with my body and reading an excerpt. I find the book a powerful tool when I feel overwhelmed by life and need clarity. What speaks back to me is the wisdom within my own inner-heart – the truth I already know but may have disconnected from through the intensity of life. Each of the sayings I have read has touched me deeply and brought about a healing in my body because they have brought me back to truth and supported the “fogginess” I may have been in to clear.

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