Where had the time gone? What is time? Does it slow down then speed up?

A Treatise on Consciousness – a testimonial by Matthew Brown

Where had the time gone? What is time? Does it slow down then speed up?

I have never been much of a reader of books or novels, maybe due to 17 years of stuttering and the punishment of school trying to 'fix' my stuttering by reading out loud to the class. (That never worked by the way, just embarrassed and humiliated me). I loved fact, true stories, real events, history; they were great to read.

Five or six years ago I was catching a flight to Singapore – the flight time from Perth is about 5 hours – and I decided to take the book A Treatise on Consciousness written by Serge Benhayon.

It's difficult in today’s world to actually create that many hours to read, so the advantage was with me on this occasion. Soon after take off I opened the book and started reading, from the beginning. This is a book where you can open it at any page and read but I decided to begin at the beginning.

The style of writing is different and it can take a little time to immerse yourself into the flow of it. I found myself thinking about what was presented in the book so it took a little time to progress through; there is so much in it to consider and stew over.

After spending some time reading and understanding what I was reading, I realised that 2 hours had passed though it felt like 15 minutes. Then another hour later the same thing occurred. I was quite amused by this as it 'felt' much different to just being absorbed into a 'good' book or movie and taken somewhere.

The 'fasten seat belt' sign popped on and we experienced quite a moderate level of turbulence. Amidst the bumps and bangs and gasps I just kept reading, and as a person who finds turbulence quite concerning, I was oddly calm and relaxed. The turbulence soon passed.

The last 2 hours were quite incredible. I began to feel something, I felt uplifted. The words were flowing and I could understand much more clearly without trying to think about what was written. As I read I knew: it was beautiful. I was feeling something, a feeling that was coming from within me and it felt lovely. I didn't know what this was but I felt alive and full.

I looked at the other passengers and wanted to hug them ... strange I know, but true. I didn't hug them but this warmth and loveliness I could feel was so palpable, I could have. I didn't want the flight to end and kept reading until the doors were opened to disembark.

Where had the time gone? What is time? Does it slow down then speed up? Why do I feel so good? I had so many questions.

This book is more than just words on a page ... enjoy.

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  • By Matthew Brown, Anaesthetic & Recovery Nurse

    Matthew is an Anaesthetic & Recovery Nurse, loves learning, energetic medicine and the true reason for life.