Did You Know is a section providing interesting points relating to healing and the human body.
  • that your body has 45,000 Nadis (energy centres)

  • that you have heart chakras in the palm of your hands and thus each hand shake is an opportunity for a loving connection to another. Rather powerful to feel the importance of gentle tender touch and the healing that can take place via our hands

  • we live under the influence of cycles that repeat again and again

  • that our particles are actually little patches of intense vibrations of energy in lots of space? Really there are no separate atoms and no 'solid' matter

  • menopause signifies the completion of a cycle, and an opportunity to embrace a new phase of nurturing for a woman in her life

  • that the essence of a man holds the same loving quality as the essence of a woman

  • the way you communicate and express with others can be Sacred and Esoteric and Healing

  • on the inside adults are as equally sensitive, tender and precious as children

  • that the way you live in your day affects the quality of how you will sleep at night

  • we are all born with the ability to feel energy all of the time and that we are naturally clairsentient, that is, we are able to FEEL and SENSE light / energy. When we are connected to our essence we are naturally clairsentient and we can feel everything about life through energy

  • the body has a natural harmony; in anatomy and physiology this is called homeostasis. The minute we step away from this natural harmony in our bodies, the body registers a disharmony against its natural rhythm and this is the beginning of illness and disease

  • that having alcohol and drugs disconnects you from your essence and your ability to feel and intuit, by numbing or over-stimulating your body

  • we tend to hold on to and protect our hurts rather than hold on to and choose to express love

  • the kidney cells hold our life force energy, our vitality for life

  • when we speak ill, with judgment, or emotionally of another they receive the negative energetic imprint of that ill

  • that by loving other people we improve and expand love in our own families

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