Your body and disease – what does it all mean?

Your body and disease – what does it all mean?

Your body and disease – what does it all mean?

When we get sick we often think that the body has broken down in some random way – that we have been the unwilling and unwitting recipient of perhaps some mysterious virus that has chosen randomly to attack us.

But, literally everything happens for a reason

Nothing happens just of its own accord: there are no accidents, incidents or “meant-to-be” – there is always a reason! This is a scientific fundamental law of the universe – as Newton showed us through the law of cause and effect. For every ‘effect’ there is something that has caused it.

If we can consider disease to be an ‘effect’ and an end result of ‘something’, then indeed what is the cause of disease?

Something has to have caused it, right?

Why is it that we get cancer / heart disease / diabetes / a sore back/ sore thumb / asthma / digestive issues ...? If we understand science, then we know that it can’t be random. There must be something that is causing it.

Because, as a fact, nothing in the Universe is random. And there is nothing random about us as human beings. Everything in our body exists in precise order, in precise rhythm and harmony, in order to function.

Its beauty is exquisite and the body is programmed to naturally maintain a state of balance or harmony, called homeostasis. When the balance of the body is upset, then the body will take measures to return to its natural state of harmony and balance.

This involves getting rid of the things that are taking the body out of balance – ejecting it from the body so to speak – in the same way that if water comes into a boat to make it sink, we bail it out to keep the boat afloat! The excess water in the boat is creating a dis-ease, threatening the life of the boat – and everyone in it!!

Disease is the human equivalent of the ‘bail out’ of the body, getting rid of toxins so that the body can return to health and harmony.

Did you consider that whenever you get a cold or diarrhoea, that your body is ejecting toxic things from the body to return yourself back to health?

For example, when you quit chocolate, or alcohol for a while, have you ever noticed that your body at first feels a bit worse – with pimples, agitation, perhaps tummy cramps or diarrhoea, until that clears and then you feel so much better than you did when you were regularly consuming those things?

We have an innate understanding that this is part of the body’s way of ejecting accumulated toxins, and that this is part of the body’s process of healing itself, thus resulting in dis-ease in the body until harmony is restored.

In the same way, could we consider that other diseases are also part of the same process of returning the body to harmony, but that the disharmony is so deep that the physical disease is more significant than just a bit of temporary acne?

Could it be possible if we know that the body clears itself from things that are creating disharmony, that things such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, or lung disease are part of the very same process?

Absolutely that is possible – and it is most certainly worth contemplating, no?

If we actually contribute to all of this by the lifestyle choices that we ongoingly make, day after day after day, then wouldn’t we rather know how this all works?

"Illness and disease are not the enemy – they are the markers of what we have done to ourselves, and that is the way Esoteric Medicine looks at it."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 620

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Illness and disease do not happen overnight

The choices and decisions that we make accumulate and have a direct impact on our health.

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