Championing the myth of living longer

Championing the myth of living longer

Championing the myth of living longer

We champion that people are living longer, yet we do not consider how they are living and what quality of life they have in their final decades.

Is it truly living if we are medicated, drugged and artificially sustaining life in a body that is carrying so much illness and disease? A body where often the mind is no longer in charge of its senses, absent of the present, forgetful of the past and unable to recognise one’s loved ones or relate to the situation at hand.

I can't help but wonder what our lifespans would really be without the aid of medicine and pharmaceuticals to keep us going, to sustain life in a body that barely functions and would collapse without the crutch of medicine to support it.

Championing living longer is a smokescreen to deflect that we are not living well – that as a species we are sick and would not survive in the wild. We would be picked off by predators, be unable to reproduce and would be heading toward extinction. Yet that is ok because, hey, after all we are living longer!

The reality is, we are sick and our lifespan would be seriously reduced if we were not persistently propped up by all the medical advances – so why champion living longer when we are not living healthier?

We abuse the body we live in – feed it junk food, too much food, caffeine, alcohol, etc. We do not care for it as the precious and amazing vehicle it is – too little or too much exercise, not enough sleep, our over-emotional, harsh and abusive ways – then we act surprised when it fails and expect a pill to fix it so we can continue in exactly the same vein.

Time has come for us to face the facts that while we may be living longer we are in fact instead dying longer – artificially extending our life with medications is a slow form of death, that allows us to ignore what is truly going on. Of course we need conventional medicine, we need to care for our sick and elderly, but we must not allow this to artificially cloud our perceptions that we are living longer because we are living better, in bodies that are vital and healthy, when this is far from the truth.

Instead of damaging our body through our lifestyle, our medication should be to care for our body – treat it right both physically and emotionally and from an energetic perspective so it does not become clogged up with the excessive way we live which brings on a multitude of symptoms and ill health conditions that we then need to prolong ourselves in, by championing being on a cocktail of medications just to live longer in that devitalised and ill state.

We need to take responsibility for how we treat ourselves and the end results that produces. Poor health is not some random act or luck of the draw – it is predicated on how we live. I would rather see our lifespans remain as they are and aim to see the quality and vitality of our final years increase so that we are truly alive, present, vibrant and full of life, love, joy and connection to who we are and those around us.

The human race is sick, yet we pretend we can pop a pill and ignore the obvious, yet inconvenient truth, that is right before our eyes and directly under our nose, in the form of a body that is screaming loudly that the way we are living is so far from what is true to it that it is simply not working.

What is it going to take for us to look at our elderly and how their lives are being lived out in their final years and say: “Is this it? Is this what ageing is? Is this what we have come to expect? Is this our lot in life? Is this normal!?

But it would appear that we have accepted ending our years ill, drugged to the eyeballs, lost in our minds and even losing our minds – gone from the world, all but withdrawn except for a small remnant of life force that keeps the vehicle moving. Leaving a shell of an empty body that once represented who we are; a shell, a carcass that functions but no longer truly lives.

Is that really how we wish our lives to end?

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Something is not right

The body cannot lie and it is clearly telling us that something is very wrong - so why are we not listening or asking the right questions?

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