What is healing?

What actually is healing?

  • Is it for fixing problems – getting rid of issues and discomforts that annoy us?
  • Pains that slow us down?
  • Conditions or symptoms in the body that we do not like?

Or is it something more?

If we look around, there are an enormous amount of 'solutions' out there telling us they have the answers for us ...

  • come and have this massage and your sore lower back will go away
  • come and do this course and you’ll have the answers to all of life
  • read this book and it will blow your mind
  • take this pill, it works magic ...

Everywhere we go, someone always has the latest seeming answer, and, is so very keen to tell us we’ve got to try it!

We’ve all been told by people to try this modality or that, this program, course or diet – "C’MON you’ve got to do this – it will change your life ... !" Maybe sometimes we give it a go, but the question for all of us is ...

Does any of it actually change anything? And if there is change, is it temporary, long-lasting, and or, complete?

Is healing really just fixing problems and making pains go away, getting rid of something that is annoying us, so we can get back on the conveyor belt and back on with life?

Is that what healing really is? ... or could there be more?

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The process of healing

The process of healing has to come from self-love, for without it, it is merely for relief and therefore there is no true healing.

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