Every single one of us is part of a great whole and carries within the divine qualities of the Soul. Those qualities are Harmony, Love, Truth, Stillness and Joy. You cannot have one of these qualities without the other because we ALL are all equally so.

Of course we all know that not everyone expresses in a loving, truthful, harmonious, joyful or still way. For example, have you ever noticed how disharmonious it feels when a cupboard door is left open or closed with a big bang? Neither is it harmonious or joyful when someone expresses towards you in anger and these are just ordinary day to day occurrences that we all too often accept as normal.

At essence Harmony is an energetic vibration that is healing in nature and disharmony is an energetic vibration that is harmful – there is no middle ground. These vibrations not only affect each and every one of us but also the whole planet and all life.

It is our responsibility and evolution to return to Harmony and correct all imprints of disharmony that we have littered ourselves and this planet with.

But we as a humanity have crafted a way of living that steers us very far from the truth. By losing sight of the big picture, that is, the Whole that we are an inescapable and essential part of, we have come to experience ourselves as ‘lonely fragments’ wandering the earth in perpetual motion and in desperate search of everything and anything that will arrest the ache of separation from the Harmony and Stillness of our true being.

As such, in our modern lives we are bombarded daily with a maddening onslaught of images, expectations, ideals, beliefs and dictates about who we should and shouldn’t be and what we should and shouldn’t do. To cope with the anxiety this creates we harden our bodies and with this armour in place we develop a posture that makes us feel protected when in-truth, we are far from this.

"We need to find harmony. And the only way to find that is to find the stillness. We have lost the ability to be still and or even know what it is. That stillness is within – it is in your inner-most."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 285

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Moving in harmony

Why it is important to walk harmoniously.

From the history of the word we learn that…

The word Harmony comes from the Greek word ‘harmonia’ which means ‘accord, agreement, union, proportion’ The word ‘harmonia’ in turn derives from the Greek verb ‘harmoizein’ which means ‘to join, to connect, to be in accord, to fit together’ and from the Indo-European root ‘ar’ which means ‘to unite, to adhere, to put in order’.

The word Harmony is thus generally used to indicate the union and accord of different parts joining together to form a proportioned, orderly and congruent combination which is experienced as ‘pleasing’. When referred to music, it indicates the simultaneous ‘pleasant’ combination of tones or the accord of sounds and voices all working together.

The word harmony was introduced by Pythagoras who defined the world as ‘fourfold harmony’: harmony of the bows and the strings, of the body, of the Soul, and of the world and the galaxies. Pythagoras discovered the harmonious progression of musical notes and found that it reflected the emanation (sound) of the stars and the movements within their constellations and their relationship to earth and its cycles.

"Had we lived the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, Pythagoras, Plato, Patanjali, Jesus et al, as they were truly lived and given, we would today be a united human race living with love and harmony in the perfect balance that those two qualities lived naturally instil."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 457

In short, Harmony confirms that within every particle of our physical bodies there is the absolute knowing of what it feels like to live the light and the love of the Soul in and through our human form.

To separate from this truth is to invite into our bodies and beings a tension – a note of discord that leaves us endlessly searching for relief and settling for surrogates such as peace that act as a short term band aid solution and do nothing to repair the division we have caused from living less than the love that we are.

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Why peace is not enough

Harmony is what we are looking for and peace is actually an imposter and not what it is made out to be.

"Our goal should be harmony not peace. Not truly knowing the difference between peace and harmony is a great example of how we accept a fragment of truth, which is what peace is, but see also that the whole, which is to be harmonious, is easily the greater and whole truth since in harmony there is no momentary existence of anything, but the true grace for oneself and thus for all others – permanently so."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and RevelationsThe Way of Initiation, p 125

When we forsake the fact that we are each the equal parts of a far greater and grander Whole, we begin to move in a rhythm that does not match the rhythm we are seeded from. That is, we start to move out of sync to the flow of life. This is how we end up straying from the harmony that naturally resides within and start to live a life full of discord that is based on function not love. Our bodies bear the brunt of this ill choice.

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Why do we see function as more important than harmony?

The basis of Esoteric Medicine is harmony, not function. Find out what is not so great about function.

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How harmony and anger play out in the body

If you are prepared to allow your body to feel the truth of every situation, and call it for what it is, you are giving your body the permission to feel harmony.

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The pull to be one

Why do we live against the pull to be in harmony with everyone?

"A part of the whole does not come void of the energetic quality of the whole it belongs to. And therefore, never does a part of the whole not carry the energetic quality and activity of all of the parts that make the whole what it is. It is for this reason that we must not ever accept or say it is ok to have a part of the world that is lacking harmony and or love, for if there is such a part, no matter how small, it says that it is that everywhere, and hence, we have not yet completed our task to make humanity the oneness we originated from."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 802

And so, true harmony is the ability of the every part within the whole to connect, express and work with the Whole that it is a part of. And it is only when we arrest the illusion that we live separate to each other and end the competition and comparison we get so caught up in, that we will allow ourselves to hear once more our hearts beating in tune with each other. In this way, the more we express who we are, the more ‘who we are not’ is dissolved and harmony is reinstated as our most natural way of being and living.

"If we do not make a collective or one-unified choice to have love and harmony on our planet, so too do we choose to not have it. And thus, we have chosen to not have it simply because we have not collectively chosen to have it."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 751

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