Men in Livingness: powerful personal stories from real men.

Men in their Livingness are real, everyday men who go through the same stresses as any other men, but who have a deep commitment to simply being themselves.

Their stories are powerful – and they demonstrate that it is simple, possible and indeed amazingly transformative for a man to re-claim himself from the lifestyle ideals and roles that are the norm for men everywhere.

Too often, men are lost in the burden they feel to support the family, be the provider, the hard and successful worker, the strong one, who also needs to be sensitive, and so on.

Imagine a world where men were not trying to be all the world is telling them they have to be, but were just themselves.

All the men below have found a way to be in the world and be joyously free of these impositions. Enjoy reading their stories, which show just how tender and loving men naturally are.

Chetan Jha

Lesson for life & beyond - the unfolding path

by Chetan Jha, Somerset, UK

“For me, as I felt deeply that morning, I could sense how far I had come in terms of being responsible – responsible not just for myself, my behaviours, my patterns and my hurts, but also responsible for how I reflect that responsibility back to the rest of humanity, who may yet struggle to walk their true path”.

Chetan always knew deep within him that his choices were not in sync with the true man he knew he was within. It was always the feeling of being torn apart – where life on the outside pulled out all stops to go a certain way and his deep wisdom within telling him to be the true man his inner heart was calling him to be. Then came the point when he realised that the lessons he was learning were meant to be fully appreciated and put into practice... This he learned is the path of energetic responsibility!

Lee Green

To Be a True Man: My Journey of Choices Responsibility & Freedom

by Lee Green

"Screaming at the world through behaviour that was effectively saying: “I do not want any part in feeling this world”, devastated at being told by the world every step of the way: you cannot stay that joyful, loving, deeply caring boy – you have to choose/exist ‘this’ way."

Lee has shared how his way of living left him loveless, disorderly and self annihilating. Reacting to the way things were around him, which he could feel was all so wrong, he turned inwards on himself, and became very good at self-abuse.

Tony Steenson

Speaking Up

by Tony Steenson, Age 35, Bricklayer, Coraki, Australia

“The fear I once had of not fitting in isn’t really there anymore – I say what I feel a lot of the time now, and it feels great to get it out.”

Under the pressure of fitting in, to be liked by others and not rocking the boat, Tony kept quiet. But it started to take a toll on his body until he made the simple choice of Speaking Up!

Joseph Barker

Making Room in the World For Me

by Joseph Barker, Digital Designer, Melbourne, Australia

“I have come to recognise that the monster I have been running away from all these years actually does not exist ... when I returned to my old safety zone, my home, I felt well, warm, vital and alive. And I realised ... its people: I love being with people."

Have you ever felt scared of people? It started with Joseph being scared of his parents, and the refuge he took hiding in his room changed structure over time but the shutting himself off from people didn’t change. Find out how Joseph discovered his pattern and found the social butterfly within himself.

Paul Moses

Universal Medicine: A Man's Perspective

by Paul Moses

"The warm yummy feeling I know of is love – the understanding that nothing is more important than my life and the life of others is also love – and to make choices in and with love is amazing. With such choices comes a joy to be alive and the awareness we are love and in essence we are all in this life together. Imagine if we took that magic into everything we do and express in a day – what would the day hold and what would our relationship with ourself and each other be?”

Paul has highlighted how, as we get older, we can move so far away from the loveliness we naturally are.

Greg Hall

Reflecting on My Youth - Accepting More of Who I Am

by Greg Hall, Civil Engineer, Brisbane

"And to the younger generations reading these blogs – embrace the opportunity to choose to be you, it’s surely easier to swing an about turn on a ‘young jet-ski’ rather than in an ‘old ship’ ... "

Greg is recalling his younger years at school growing up and the lovely young boy giving into the pressure of fitting in that lead him to use caffeine and alcohol.

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