The Way of The Livingness is a religion

The Way of the Livingness is a simple, loving way of life, based on the ancient origin of the word religion, meaning relationship, re-connection and re-bonding.

Religion includes the whole and every aspect of our being. It is a way of living that is eternally inclusive – of all of our being, every other person, and indeed the whole of life. This awareness lives naturally within us all, and from it we are truly at one – in equalness with each other and the All from which we come.

"We are as religious with God as we are with all of life."

Serge Benhayon

The body tells the truth – and never at the expense of any part of it. When we live from the body’s truth first, and not from the head at the expense of the body --- this is religion.

"The body is never at the expense of the head or mind, as the mind is never at the expense of the body. So nothing in the way of life can be at the expense of any part ... yes, we can say something is good for us – but if it is not good for the whole – then it is not truly good."

Serge Benhayon

So, what actually is religion?

True religion must be entirely wholistic in its active principles and its founding impress. It is all about our relationship with God, which is simply the eternal body of love that we all come from.

The central tenet of true religion (or living in connection with your essence) is equalness. In other words,

God is not worshipped from a lesser self but lived and felt from an inner knowing of life – an equalness is found in union with God, which is simply the love we all hold within our inner-most heart.

Thus, we don’t need a building, a middle man or a set of rules to connect with God. We simply need to let go, as the connection is already there within us --- and is found in stillness.

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The Way of The Livingness

The Way of The Livingness is a religion that includes the whole and entire aspect of our being.

So how do you live it?

Living in connection with your essence is all about you being in your body, and deeply honouring the preciousness within each and every one of us.

It comes back to allowing ourselves to feel ... for through the body, and feeling what is ok and what is not ok ... is our in-built barometer for assessing truth. In fact, using our feelings about things – from a true connection with the body, is the only way we will ever know truth.

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Clairsentience – feeling the truth

Clairsentience is the ability to clearly feel feelings. In the end that is the only way to ever know the whole truth.

In other words, all we have to do is let our body tell us

If we leave it to our mind it will only ever be about sophisticated words. The mind will give you all sorts of reasons why it is correct, whilst the body suffers from the mind’s choices.

It is ok to be uncomfortable with truth as long as what you felt feels true. In other words, it is very important to let ourselves clearly feel feelings. This is all about developing a relationship with your body – a truly rewarding and amazing thing to do.

When we are connected with our inner-most, we learn to trust that what we are feeling from that connection, is true.

Developing an honest relationship with life

Deciding to live a life of true connection with yourself starts with developing an honest relationship with life and with your body. It is great to be able to question your own choices, and to see what was really behind certain things you chose – to discern whether they were true, or whether they were not. Each time we see something was not true, we learn, and can claim that as a truth we now see, from where we will not be so easily fooled next time.

So seeing truth is actually a blessing – because it means that next time, we can choose differently. We are all learning and growing – the pace is up to us! And this depends on how honest we are prepared to be.

It is not about being critical – just contemplate on your choices and you’ll see why you are exactly where you are at any given moment. This is deeply empowering, as you can make your next choice with no blinkers on --- because you have chosen to truly see ...

The fact is – when we do something we know was not true – then that, in fact, was not us. That way, it’s not personal – and easy to learn from and be more true to who we truly are, next time round.

We are all forever students, in this life – and life on earth is about learning to live love.

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