Rejection and relationships

What is rejection? Do we set ourselves up to be rejected?

Rejection and relationships

  • What is rejection?

  • Are we rejected by others, or do we in fact reject ourselves?

  • Do we set ourselves up to be rejected?

Globally, men suffer enormously from rejection, shaping their lives and lifestyles in the most subtle to the most obvious ways just to avoid feeling rejected – be it from a potential lover, friend, employer or family member, stemming from something we are feeling now or from a past memory we have held on to.

So why is it we still experience rejection, even if we know it is coming and have maybe even prepared for it?

  • If we chose to be all that we can be, not holding back and living all the love we could be, would there then be no place that rejection could affect us?

  • Is rejection just the realisation of the pain of our not being all we can be?

In this audio, Serge Benhayon explains how being in relationships with family, friends, partners and others, if not based on love, can cause rejection and a whole lot more.

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What happens when we hold back the love that we are?

Find out what happens when you hold back your love and how if you are love you can’t be rejected!

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