Who do we meet when becoming a man?

As I entered the room, I noticed a young boy with a mop of curly brown hair and a stripey jumper playing with coloured bricks in the corner. He intently placed one on top of the other, and appeared oblivious to the fact that I had even come in. As I moved closer, I could feel a beautiful sweetness and grace in the movements he made as he played – but noticed too what appeared to be a look of concern or deep focus written across his face. He finally looked at me, out of the corner of his eye as if to say, “what do you want anyway?” I sat there steadily meeting his gaze until he turned his head back to his bricks and continued to play.

“I’ve come here today to talk to you about some things that I think are going to help you in becoming a man.” I began, striving to get his attention. “You see, the way this world works, well it’s not even real. We’re not from here, but from somewhere much grander. We’re universal multi-dimensional beings who...” I stopped suddenly as I noticed the boy looking at me with a smile and twinkle in his eye as if to say ‘yes, I already know’. He suddenly let out a shriek of delight and smashed all the blocks he was playing with, then started building again.

Clairsentience is the ability to not override what you feel is true.

Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy, ed 1, p 36

“Well look, life’s about energy – there are only two kinds, one which is true, and one which is not” I went on. “The false one runs this world currently but it’s not as powerful as it likes to think it is, you see, and...” The little boy looked away from me into the sunlight as it cascaded into the room and reached out, and with the gentlest touch plucked a tiny silver feather from the air and started to stroke his cheek with it, while making appreciative sounds.

“Never lose sight” I started up again, “that life is not to be taken seriously and you must...” I was stopped in my tracks as the young boy ran quickly up to me, spreading his arms wide as the sky, wrapped them around my shoulders and gave me a super warm hug that melted me deep inside. He snuggled in for a few seconds, nestling his head on my chest, then let out a giggle and ran back away as quickly as he had arrived.

“Ah… ok.” I regathered myself, then continued, “but the main thing to know in becoming a man is that you are love. All you have to do is live in connection to that, no need to take this world's stuff on, just be yourself and...” I looked up and suddenly saw the boy wasn’t there.

It was suspiciously quiet. Concerned, I spun around to find where he was, only to find his face pressed right up against mine. “Hi me!!” he joyfully exclaimed. I sat there stunned, on the floor, looking into his eyes. And what I saw was a space that went deeper and deeper, like looking at a night sky full of stars – an endless black sea of divinity. As I sat still, I started to see not a young boy but an old man, a young woman, a sage, a monk and an old chief. I got a strong sense of someone timeless who has lived many lives other than just that of a kid. There was a strong knowing of truth, a natural joy, and immense wisdom too. As he moved away from me, dancing to the beats of a song I could not hear, he patted my bent back as he passed with his gorgeous warm hand as if to say “it’s ok”. He giggled and gave me a last look before waddling away. “I am all of that” his face seemed to confirm, “I’ve been here so many times, I’m a master of light, know the absolute truth and the steps on the path needed to return, I’ve got everything I need and if I step away it’s because I’ve chosen to, so my friend, there’s nothing you need to do or say.”

As he wiggled his way out of the door and threw his arms up in wonder and delight, I looked on from the floor. And I realised that it was I who had been guided today in becoming a man – to see that we already know and live the simplicity of Love at a young age, and all we ever need to do is return to that way.

PS: Thanks for the guidance me – you’re a beautiful man.

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