Clairsentience simply means ‘clear feeling’ – the ability to clearly feel energy. Contrary to the current popular belief and modern day dictionary definition, it is not some weird, abnormal, spooky or paranormal 6th sense reserved for the ‘special few’, but a naturally innate and divine faculty that lives within us all.

As our essence is love, we are each born all-knowing and with the ability to clearly feel what is of the divine love we are made of and, what is not of this love. That is, we have an absolute knowing of the quality of energy that pulses from within our inner-heart and therefore we know when any thought, word or action matches this love, and when it does not.

Our 5 senses (sight, taste, touch, smell, sound) help us to gather information about our physical environment at a purely temporal level and our 6th sense helps us to discern the world of energy at play within this. After all, everything is energy so it makes sense that we are given a medium through which to feel this. We have all had the experience of walking into a room and knowing instantly whether something feels ‘right’ or not, even if all appears ok on the surface. This is because our heart feels everything long before our other organs sense it.

When we are children, we naturally navigate our way through life using this sense more than any other, we feel with our whole heart, with our bodies and with our being. It is not something we are taught to do but something that just is. We inherently know which adults are safe to be around and which are not. We do not question this ability until we begin to realise that the majority of the adults in the world are not making use of this sense, in fact, they seem to be completely ignoring it.

Therefore, because the world is not currently set up to deal with, let alone support this innate faculty to flourish, for the most part we learn to shut it down. In-truth, it can never be completely shut down but we learn that we are rewarded by not using it and instead learn to conform to a way of living that has us expressing far less than our true selves.

Basically we learn within the first 5 or so years of life, by sensing to what degree those around us are living true to their essence, whether we will be accepted or not if we live true to ours. We are then taught to only trust what we see with our eyes and override the signals that come from our inner-heart, the place where our true self, our Soul, resides.

In this way we allow ourselves to be fed by the outer world of ideals, beliefs and images rather than live true to the essence (the wisdom of God/The Universe) we feel within us. This is how we have come to champion thought over feeling and how we identify with what we do rather than who we are and from this early age begin to develop behaviours that helps us ‘blend in’ with those around us even if they are not living true to who they are.

It is a bit like stumbling around in the dark while holding a torch that can guide you but you don’t switch it on because no one else is switching it on, so you begin to doubt why it should be switched on, or even if it can be switched on in the first place. And if you manage to navigate your way past all this and actually DO switch it on, you have already gauged the degree to which you will stand out and all eyes will be on you and so you hold tight the dimmer switch so that you can calibrate your light according to the effect it is having in respect to how comfortable/ uncomfortable it is making everyone else feel.

Simply stated – we are trained right from the start to not upset the apple cart.

In-truth, there is nothing more normal or natural for us than feeling energy, we have been doing it since the day we were born and we are all feeling it all of the time, no exceptions, whether we choose to be aware of it or not.

What is not normal is to live a life whereby we have shut down this natural ability and are left seemingly cut off from the deep pool of wisdom that is always available on tap and communicating to us from our Soul, thereby rendering us unable to discern what is of the love we are and what is not.

Without this inner compass, we become lost in a sea of energy with naught to guide us safely home. This is how we as a humanity have come to lose our way, because our true way is to live according to who we truly are and not against it.

Therefore we can say that it is never normal to live disconnected from our clairsentient abilities and our ability to feel the world around us, but it is however very common. The following quotes and audio offer an understanding of how something so normal to us has become so undervalued, if not outrightly ignored.

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Clairsentience is the bridge between you and the Universe

The key to re-connecting to the grandness of who we truly are.

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Not choosing clairsentience

We are born with clairsentience – the ability to feel and know everything. So why do we shut that ability down in later years?

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Clairsentience – feeling the truth in everything

A child knows who they are by their essence. They feel and know everything by energy and are not fooled by words or gestures.

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  • By Liane Mandalis, Childcare worker

    Writer, philosopher, lover of life, of people and of the vast Universe we are a glorious part of, mother, carer for children, devoted student of The Way of the Livingness and humble disciple to the truth.