Natalie Benhayon, the queen of many things

Natalie Benhayon, the queen of many things

Natalie Benhayon, the queen of many things

Where to start when talking about Natalie Benhayon – love of humanity personified, sacredness personified; sassy, sexy; presence in, throughout and from every cell of her body.

I remember a very young Natalie presenting on daily cycles many years ago. From memory, she was still working in a junior role in an engineering company and living this rhythm to the finest of details. It all seemed so new to me – that a day starts the night before with the way we put ourselves to bed; that the quality of our sleep starts with the wind down, the settlement in our body; that there is immense benefit in living in cycles and rhythms, with rituals and in ceremony.

Natalie drew up a 24-hour circle on the whiteboard and divided it into segments of various daily activities, foreshadowing the teachings of motion and repose that were to follow a few years later. Each activity is a moment, a space in and of itself without ever being the end of a linear progression.

I tried it out and learnt that straight lines from A to B (as in “I want or need to get this done by 10:10am”) keep me trapped in time and tension and that moments, however short or long, offer me expansion and space (as in: I can work on this until 10:10am and then I will move on to something else). And my body and my being loved it and still do.

Living life like this means that everything completes because space is offered and what gets done in that space is complete even if the finish line hasn’t been reached yet.

Of course, procrastinating has no place in this set up which also means that I don’t get drained by the knowing that there is something to attend to that I haven’t done yet. In that immediacy, there is no effort and every lot of 24 hours just flows, and that includes when and how I sleep.

Also, Natalie is the queen of closing our eyes – conscious presence in every increment. Meaning what? Feeling that the eyes are round and that the eyelids don’t come down or go up in a straight line. Bringing something that is mainly automatic if not semi-conscious or unconscious into her presence and turning it into a fully conscious movement. I remember watching her do it and feeling and knowing that she was fully present and in presence with every increment of briefly closing both eyes, blinking in effect. Natalie’s connection with her body scales the depths of physicality and beyond and thus offers access to immense depth and vastness.

And Natalie is also the queen of opening and closing doors. Every movement has purpose and offers new insights through presence and via symbolism. In that she has certainly inspired me and I am reminded often, especially when I want to brush over things, take them lightly or for granted and am tempted to consign repetitive movements to mundaneness and tedium.

Natalie is the queen of many things, a lot of which I don’t even know about but can sense and feel. And last but not least, it’s absolutely yummy, delicious and vastly more than heart-warming to hug and be hugged by Natalie.

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  • By Gabriele Conrad, Editor

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