In a world where the modern day influencers, role-models and focalisers come by the bucket load on the multitude of social media platforms, it seems that you can only be an authority on a topic if you have an engaging online presence, creative video content and design, with many followers and endorsers to make up a legitimate online audience… These bright flashy lights can distract us from the pure and undeniable fact that we are all presenters each and every day, whether on a physical stage, an online platform or simply walking at the local shopping centre. We are presenting where ever we are, what we live in every moment. From the way we dress, feel, move and speak, we are in the representation of what we are connected to.

Enter Natalie Benhayon a woman who has, by this standard of awareness, redefined what it means to be a presenter and true role-model in everyday life. Natalie Benhayon represents this fact consciously by knowing that her responsibility is the same, that there is no difference to the way she moves, whether she is on stage to a world-wide audience or in conversation with one other person – there is a consistency that makes Natalie Benhayon a representation that clearly demonstrates we are all a living presentation in every moment.