Everyday Sacredness

Sacredness stands as a universal truth that is available to us all. In a world where spirituality and the desire for calmness is seen as the antidote to the chaos and calamity all around us, Sacredness is a living way that provides a depth of connection with oneself that becomes the primary source of expression where abuse, disregard or lack of self-worth are no longer considered as normality.

Sacredness is not a mystery, it is not found in an object or any physical place outside of us, it is a lived quality that comes from within first and that quality then moves and makes our living reality. Sacredness is a quality of movement and expression that Natalie Benhayon knowingly lives in her everyday life and by doing so she demonstrates, inspires and ignites that movement in others by her practical and real approach to making life a rhythm of Sacred moments lived. Everyday Sacredness offers a series of articles as a point of resource to support your everyday connection to living the depths of all that you are.