Serge Benhayon – a man who presents the truth

Serge Benhayon, presenter and philosopher, is a man who presents the truth

Serge Benhayon – a man who presents the truth

Prior to meeting Serge Benhayon in 2001, I had spent my life looking for wisdom and those who might impart it.

Be it through books, workshops, presentations, acquaintances, friends... I always inherently knew there was an understanding of life and ‘what it all meant’ to be had. I sought and was drawn to those with whom I could have such philosophical discussions and deepen my understanding. This never left the forefront of my awareness.

Yet what I discovered ‘out there’ was disappointing. Through countless books and searching – from reading books on psychosomatic disease and world religions as a teenager, to studies of ancient history and psychology, to all sorts of spiritual and new age discourses, as well as teachers and healers I came across through many of my adult years – all I ever discovered were ‘glimmers’ of truth. I met no teacher, nor found any philosophy, that encompassed everything in life and held an integrity that was reflected across the board in the way people lived what they wrote and taught.

I met a teacher of a healing modality who would readily get angry and abusive towards course participants, a robed monk who had a woman in every port, spiritual gurus who had disastrous personal lives and sought to feed off their devotees in every which way, leaders in the alternative health field whose own lifestyles were anything but ‘healthy’... This is not to say that there weren’t people of ethics and integrity to be found, but to be truthful, I never met anyone who stood in such a leading edge or public position who truly and wholly ‘walked their talk’ – most especially when it came to an all-encompassing wisdom that made sense of human life and our place within it all.

That was, until I met Serge Benhayon.

Here was a man who not only ‘walked his talk’, but his ‘talk’ was pure, undiluted truth. I remember sitting in a presentation by him one evening fully letting the fact of this in – that here it actually was, the whole truth. No longer the ‘glimmers’ I had clung to through so many years of my life, but the actual whole encompassing real deal.

And this man, Serge Benhayon, didn’t hold it back one iota – even though he had the capacity to tread on billions of toes in the space of a few minutes. He called out the scale of endemic corruption we have become so comfortably accustomed to in our societies and the part we play in it by virtue of our silence, the loveless ways in which we are by and large living, the disregard with which we treat ourselves – our own bodies – and the way we can act towards each other. In short, he spoke of the responsibility we all hold in the way we live our everyday lives: for our every thought, word and action does indelibly impact upon the whole. This was a real and worldly wisdom I could most definitely relate to. My whole body ‘nodded’ with every word that made so much sense of the human condition and the truth of who we really are.

The encompassing picture he delivered was not about condemnation or critique of humanity – not in the slightest. For at the heart of all that Serge Benhayon presented then and continues to present to this day, is a fundamental tenet: that we are all breathed forth from God, we are innately divine in nature, and that it is not only possible to reconnect to this fundamental essence of who we truly are, but to live in a way that sustains this connection and confirms it in our every way.

Sound fanciful? Not when Serge Benhayon spoke this truth – for his words brought forth a truth as has been spoken through the ages by many a wise messenger of humanity’s ancient and Ageless Wisdom. Words spoken by the likes of Pythagoras, Yeshua (Jesus) and Helena P. Blavatsky. He spoke of the greatness that lives within us all, unashamedly and from the true inspiration of one who has reclaimed this within and knows that in order to truly serve, greatness must be shared. It cannot, by its very nature, be kept to oneself.

He claims no ownership over his words, but rather has stated again and again that it is by virtue of what he has reconnected to – his true essence and the love of his soul – that such wisdom can naturally be expressed forth. And express it this man does: with a plethora of books, presentations and ceaseless activity, in pouring forth teachings of humanity’s wisdom that these may once again be available to all.

From the first time I heard Serge Benhayon speak, I have felt that the words he spoke were my own – universal truths that came not from an arrogance of “I know”, as I have seen all too many presenters impose upon their audience, but rather from the equality of “we all know”. Words spoken and written not from a pedestal, but from the absolute knowing of this equality in which we all stand. He spoke from the deepest place of responsibility, together with the philosophical awareness of the interconnectedness of us all.

I have neither met, read, nor heard elsewhere such an all-encompassing presenter and philosopher for our age, as is Serge Benhayon.

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