Serge Benhayon – The Presenter

Serge Benhayon presents both nationally and internationally on the subjects of the Ageless Wisdom, The Way of the Livingness as well as Esoteric and Exoteric Philosophy.

Although vast in his wisdom of the Divine and indeed of life itself, his philosophical approach and manner of presenting is extremely tangible, engaging and one could say very relatable and ‘down to earth’.

His presentations are accessible and support all to have the opportunity to connect to and go to the deepest understanding of the subject at hand. No wisdom is held back or kept secret and in no way does Serge present himself to be better, more knowledgeable, smarter or more intelligent than any other in any way.

What Serge Benhayon does present is that we are all students of life – equally so.

He presents that we innately know and can connect to the wisdom of the Soul the same way he does, simply by connecting to and living from the essence of our inner-heart.

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Presenting the living truth

When we separate from our essence our body is able to tell us that we are living in a way that is not true or natural for us hence the many illnesses and woes experienced in the world today.

Through his presentations he has supported many to become sound presenters in their own right. Universal Medicine offers the ‘Expression and Presentation Workshop’, supporting attendees to express and present on various topics from their own lived wisdom, breaking down the obstacles and apprehension that is prevalent for many in relation to expression/public speaking.

Serge’s down to earth qualities as a presenter come from his consistency to remain connected and in touch with everyday people. This is extremely important for Serge and again stems from the foundation he holds as a practitioner with a genuine concern for humanity and its declining levels of vitality and true health on all levels, which he sees and observes every day in his practice.

Serge presents re-connection in simplicity with ways allowing those that are ready to feel more empowered and connected in life than they previously were. When attending any presentation with Serge Benhayon one instantly gets to feel that we are much bigger than what we think we are, and perhaps what we are dealing with in its complexity on a daily basis.

Serge doesn’t use fancy words to thrill the mind with complexity or to impress anyone. He is very much a ‘what you see and feel is what you get’ man. His presentations are exactly that – presentations – whereby he delivers truth without imposition. He in fact encourages and teaches that it is for each person to ascertain and discern truth for themselves, effectively welcoming it. And no person is left without the opportunity to ask questions to help clarify and understand the presentation in its fullness, whether in a group setting or a personal discussion. To this day Serge remains accessible to everyone.

Serge does not shy away from addressing confronting subjects if there is a truth needed to be brought to a particular subject. If the group is ready he will do so, but it is always done with grace and respect.

If there is ever a topic presented that may be new or perceived as difficult, Serge Benhayon will take the care to make the topic simple and supportive. Where time permits and in workshops he includes short exercises to allow his presentations to become experiential, often going longer if the audience is calling for more time to contemplate and ponder on what has been presented.

Serge does not regard his presentations as separate to the rest of his life, for he knows everything is inter-connected and makes up the quality of one’s livingness.

Serge has presented on ‘Everything is Energy’ – this energetic truth is considered to the very detail, noting that when on stage from the way he walks, moves and talks, to the information presented, it is always in consideration of the all – which means he will never leave anyone behind – he makes sure that all are able to stay with the presentation and have time to ask questions where called for.

"A true presenter understands the wisdom that they hold cannot simply be used for themselves and thus they share and present that wisdom in a way that is accessible for all.

For they know that True Wisdom belongs to All of humanity."

Serge Benhayon is the epitome of a true presenter, educator, philosopher and teacher and one can deeply feel and understand that what is presented is done so from a deep love of people, an impulse to give back to humanity.

He is giving back all that he has come to know and live on a daily basis and speaks from the wisdom he has accessed by simply connecting to his divine essence, through the inner-heart and by his continued dedication to living that wisdom whilst actively being engaged and observing all facets of life.

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Why are so many people exhausted?

When we live in anxiousness our body never truly rests and we end up exhausted.

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Why do we choose the wrong over the right?

Are we influenced by our intellect rather than trusting our own natural wisdom?

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