What do Albert Einstein & Serge Benhayon have in common?

What do Albert Einstein & Serge Benhayon have in common?

What do Albert Einstein & Serge Benhayon have in common?

“Every so often comes a man who is able to see the universe in a totally ‘new’ way, whose visions upset the very foundation of the world, as we know it.”

This powerful line from a documentary1 on the life of Albert Einstein contains observations that stand out as a reminder of another remarkable man whom I know and hold in highest esteem...

Einstein was described as someone with a great eye for the WHOLE but also able to look from a myriad of dimensions, with no investment whether the observations would be proven or not.

What seemed to have truly fired up the hearts of many who knew him and those who worked with him, according to a lady friend of his, was an uncommonly wonderful thing – the mix of Albert’s grand, pure and unimpeachable commitment and his untroubled inner detachment.

Many who knew and worked with him would claim he was a Scientist who believed in God – although some may still argue against the statement. Einstein’s connection with God had a quality of certainty and a deep knowing, hence he’d often claim that ‘God didn’t play dice’.

Einstein upheld the notion of simplicity, keeping his life uncomplicated, which in turn greatly supported his work.

His approach to work had an artistic quality, which meant Einstein would arrive at a conclusion more by implying the inner knowledge and wisdom rather than experimental findings.

One of his assistants at an institute in the United States had observed: “The work was never that of a master and disciples but whatever we (the assistants) had to say would be taken very seriously and discussed just as thoroughly as if it was Einstein’s idea”.

Einstein was deeply disturbed that America nuked Japan. As one of his colleagues explained, to Einstein, E=mc2 was an “inscription of nature, and not prescription for a bomb”! The E=mc2 was born whilst Einstein explored the tapestry of space and time, as well as energy and mass being one and the same.

If fully comprehending Einstein’s theory feels like a bit of an assault course, here it is to put it very simply: Everything is Energy; you, your neighbour, television, chair, carrot, teddy bear, hair, dog, words, thoughts, ideas, smile, frown, wink, all expressions…. everything… no matter what its mass, be it physical or abstract – everything IS energy.

Einstein had a thing for harmony, both in science and Humanity.

Back to the opening line:

“Every so often comes a man who is able to see the universe in a totally ‘new’ way, whose visions upset the very foundation of the world, as we know it.”

In November 2007 I met another such being. An ordinary, quiet, composed man, who looks at the World as it is from all dimensions – spherically so. Who expresses his observations regardless of whether they can be scientifically proven or not.

He is not a qualified scientist and never has he claimed to be one, but it feels to me, as my mother would say, he has science in his little finger. Some may view this as tendentious – for how can a man who has no degree in science know so much about space, about time and in particular, the science of the human body, with such impeccable accuracy!

He exhibits terabytes of patience for he has NO fear of time, thus is never in a rush for the world to accept and arrive at the same, considered by some, audacious awareness and breadth of view, the one we are all heading towards….

It seems to me that he carries on where Einstein had left it. If, as Einstein had introduced to us, Everything is Energy, then “Everything is because of Energy”, this 21st century sagacious world teacher tells us.

His ability to see details is astonishing, yet he also sees everything as part of the WHOLE.

His Absolute commitment to Humanity is mind blowing – literary speaking – whilst he retains his effortless detachment to any investments in outcomes. Such uniqueness and quality most estimable.

He governs himself in utmost harmony and is a kind of person who does not get led aside by anything. There is Joy in him, visible and palpable, in all circumstances. A character intertwined with both sweetness and dignity.

This is a man who speaks as he knows – there is no delayed reaction and no holding back the Truth, hence his intentions are continuously, unquestionably impeccable and of the highest moral order.

He gets neither shocked nor ecstatic.

His sense of humour is a gentle form of Art and never ever is it at the expense of another.

He does that which is set before him with every speck of his being. He is in no hurry but he doesn’t dither either.

If one could bottle up and sell the integrity that this man possesses he’d be the richest man on Earth.

This is one human being who is free from all falsehood, and the man who cannot be swayed from Truth – as the saying goes – for love nor money. He would not be cowered by anything or anyone, any challenge or any question that came his way.

He cannot be found off balance, hard as one might try to catch him.

He has made his life very simple. It is through the simplicity of his livingness (and not just in words) that he makes truth the real truth.

He never ever considers himself as being better than another, but instead holds everyone by and in an equalness few have dared to distinguish to such detail.

He wakes up in the morning for humanity and he breathes for humanity. This man’s service for Humanity is simply unwavering.

He has a ‘thing’ for harmony. To him harmony is something that is not separation and neither is it something that is not tolerance. To this man, Harmony is always one-unified Love.

He may sound like one of those men who are ‘too good to be true’, yet no Kilimanjaro matches his grandness and yes, he is so very real and so mightily True.

This is the Truth about Serge Benhayon.

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    Albert Einstein Documentary – How I See the World

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  • By Dragana Brown, Writer, World Affairs & Life Style Commentator

    Dragana loves Science. She absolutely fell in love with Serge Benhayon’s teachings because he makes science applicable to every day life and accessible to everyday people. Serge makes understanding science easier than spreading warm butter on toast!

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