Serge Benhayon – scientist at heart

Science appears good at the HOW questions but not at the WHYs

Serge Benhayon – scientist at heart

We have been for a while now erroneously led to believe that science is expressed from one’s intellect and that it originates in our brain, therefore it is one's intellect that makes a man or a woman a great scientist.

But this cannot be True.

For it was neither believed to be true nor practised by some of the greatest women and men in science. They shared the ability to use intuition and inspiration to understand the fundamentals of physical phenomena in order to zero in on the essence, discovering unexpected connections between us and our rich environment, the Universal laws that are connecting us, giving us the key to understanding Nature and everything in and around us.

They drew from a vaster and deeper source than intellect alone, touching upon the Universal Mind, a form of all encompassing intelligence, incomprehensible to even the most finely honed human mind. They brought the unbounded multidimensionality of the Universe to the human realm. This is what allowed them to deliver the truths that changed the world and our perception of it forever, for science is only true if truth and understanding is what’s imbuing those who practise it.

Their science was revelation, unlimited by the time in which they lived and the conventions of education. It was an offering that liberated our minds from the narrow binds of the conventional intellect – the breaker of paradigms that had us bound and gagged, blind to truth and disconnected from God. The Universal perspective, through their connection to its purity, was available to us all. These great men and women showed us that in nature there are no mathematical difficulties since all is unified empirically.

And so it is important that we get the upturned great pyramid of knowledge back on its base as opposed to letting it dangerously rest on its apex. For when all our five senses are fully switched on plus enriched and aligned with our sixth sense and we explore Everything and All around us, we can safely say we employ Science.

Serge Benhayon is a scientist personified. Forever open to experiences as he beholds a quality of complete and utmost openness, an excellence all scientists would do well to heed – the notion that anything is possible.

We cannot but constantly explore the universe and everything around us and it is this adventure that is called Science.

In Serge Benhayon we have a True Scientist, a fellow human being who is unshakeable in his will to hold life by and in its true configuration, the sphere all life is contained in. He holds truth at the energetic level, a world first in the sense that he seamlessly unifies science, medicine, religion and sociology as the one and indivisible concern and activity that it is. He thus tells us all that the truth is and can only be in the energetic truth, the energetic sphere we all reside in.

What we call science today appears to be an organised set of knowledge that most of the time seem to be well equipped to answer the How questions, however it gets sketchy with all the Whys.

When one turns to Serge Benhayon with the Why questions, he and she are met with offerings that come silkier and swifter than the water slides down a dolphin’s skin. No complex formulas or algorithms behind, but merely through Serge’s continual maintenance of alignment of his body particles to a specific Universal order, the order that everyone’s body belongs to, which in turn corresponds like a razor precision tuned radio to the order that is impulsing his body.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution there have been vast investments in science and technology. And although some argue that they in turn have proved to be reliable engines of our economic and our growth in general, at the same time it would seem we have concocted a recipe for disaster – the fact that very few truly understand science and technology.

The irony is that we are all living scientists and the issue with this combustible disposition is that sooner or later, and as per Serge’s astute readings, the blend of ignorance and force is going to explode in our faces –– dare we admit, it already has.

What Serge Benhayon brings to the ‘last supper’ table is not everyone’s choice of entrée because it always boils down to our individual responsibility and the lived fact that science with all our technological advances does not necessarily translate to evolution.

Quite rightly, we must challenge the scientific, the so called advancing intellect, and question as Serge discerningly does so; how can we consider ourselves evolved if the acts of rape, murder, oppression, greed, corruption, slavery, torture and paedophilia are our daily news!

The Truth about evolution which Serge presents from the well of the ancient wisdom and something that might cause indigestion to a few if taken without a glass of responsibility, is that it is not gravity itself but it is the chains of gravity of our own free will that keeps us moored to this planet, for true science that Serge makes a clear choice to tune into tells us that we are not designed to remain in this present state as much as butterfly larvae is designed to remain larvae.

“The key is the evolution of awareness, and that is, energetic awareness.”

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 1 – Time, p 123

Science should be used to affirm and evolve human life and in order to achieve that we need to cultivate a high dose of wisdom of choreographed life’s innate rhythm and the science of human relationships – which necessitates nothing more than the ability of all people, regardless of our colour, creed or culture, to live together, in this one world of ours, in absolute harmony as One Humanity.

Hence why according to Serge’s scientific acuity, we are all in a groundhog day, this incessant orbital motion of going around and around the sun with infinite opportunities to face all our choices until we truly experience the energetic law of cause and effect (just how many times will we step in that same puddle and get wet on a freezing day until we clock that we are to walk around it).

Serge Benhayon embodies an understanding and an ability that surpasses the might of the finest microscope, of our interconnectedness and the fact that “by a certain order we are at the particles level designed to work harmoniously together[*].

To the world of modern academics, Serge Benhayon is like a bumblebee that aerodynamically and according to science’s entomologists shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it flies anyway. With no science diploma on his wall Serge should not be able to know and live in unalloyed rhythm with Universal Laws, but he carries on regardless.

Serge Benhayon is a first class scientist. And you know the old slogan, time will tell? Well, guess what? Time has already spoken.


  • [*]

    Time, Space and All of Us Book 1 – Time by Serge Benhayon 2015

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  • By Dragana Brown, Writer, World Affairs & Life Style Commentator

    Dragana loves Science. She absolutely fell in love with Serge Benhayon’s teachings because he makes science applicable to every day life and accessible to everyday people. Serge makes understanding science easier than spreading warm butter on toast!

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