Without the science of energy, philosophy is a mere charade

Without the science of energy, philosophy is a mere charade

Without the science of energy, philosophy is a mere charade

Philosophies come and philosophies go, but unless these philosophies include a real insight into the Science of Energy as a basis for understanding our life on earth, they remain a mere shadow and charade.

Serge Benhayon, the greatest philosopher in the new era under the auspices of Aquarius, presented in 1999 the pivotal truth that ‘Everything is Energy, therefore, Everything is because of Energy’[1], a truth so potent that it opens up life-everlasting for all to know – a truth that we as a humanity have denied, buried or forgotten in our adopted masquerade of ignorance. Serge Benhayon has also presented that it is an energetic fact that the quality in which we express ourselves either harms or heals all those who receive that expression – there is no neutral stance. Our expression is either true or it is not true, vibrationally so. Any man, woman, or child can verify this for themselves through consulting their innate sense of true feeling – no manufactured scientific instrument is necessary for this knowing. Given these facts of life, if we want our species to truly evolve rather than decimate itself, it is vital that each one of us consider developing and nurturing the God-given awareness of energy available to us all – an awareness that knows the quality in which we live, move, and speak.

As our inner awareness expands and, through discernment, we opt to sacrifice and let go the reductive hold of the false self’s grasping, parasitic way and paltry lifestyle, the delicacy, sacredness, and power that in truth resides within us and is our true nature is revealed in all its glory. We begin to become truly sensitive not only to each other and the environment around us, but also to the impulses of the greater universe, which lives and moves in God’s grand harmony. The scales begin to fall from our eyes as we see and know the difference in energy between the healing Soul-full self and the self that is the wayward puppet of the harmful energy of abuse, degradation, competition, supremacy, and the false good. Further, the more we become aware of the impulse of the harmonious and ever-expanding universe, the more we are able to heed the call of this impulse – a rhythm known to our Elder Brothers as the Call and Response that enables us to live harmlessly and evolvingly while in embodiment on earth. Who in their heart of hearts really wants to harm or be harmed, to put down or be put down, to be dismissed or diminished?

Who really wants war, destruction and devastation? And who really wants to be in the constant agony of not living in the joy of the Soul? Nobody in their right mind ... only the fragment known as the human spirit, which insists on aligning to the energy source of ‘what is not true’ because its very existence as an isolation and separation to the one-unified Soul depends upon it. This energy source feeds the human spirit the fiction that it is an individual with autonomy, with its own thoughts, rights, and ideas, when in fact we are vehicles of the intelligence of whichever energy source is expressing through us – healing or harming.

In my own life and process of increasingly aligning to the energy of truth, one of the first conscious acquaintances with the healing vibration of Call and Response began with the larger more obviously observed Calls. For example, a few years ago I was preparing a tutorial on Shakespeare’s Richard the Third for a final year student who had been in hospital for six months and had missed a lot of school work. I had never had to present this particular play before and wanted to make sure that I simplified it for this student, making the play engaging and able to be related to life as we currently live it. As I was writing down the insights that were coming to me, I suddenly felt this strong and joyous call to begin writing about Shakespeare’s plays and the Ageless Wisdom – the way he exposes in a deeply truthful way the less than loving way we live our lives . . . to bring us to our senses. Within seconds I realised that this impulse would become a book. I also contacted the then CEO of the amazing website, Unimedliving, to suggest a series that I would then proceed to write for publication on that site.

Another very obvious call came after, and as a direct result of, a superb Universal Medicine course presented by Serge Benhayon.

I arrived home from the course and instead of doing what I had planned (bringing in the washing and starting to cook dinner), my body was magnetically called to walk straight down the stairs to the piano, which I had not played for ten years, and I responded to this call by writing (or taking down) a divine and beautiful song. This was not a one-off, but an inspiration that has continued to call ceaselessly to me. There is a River of Song to be accessed if one keeps saying ‘Yes’ to its call.

More recently I have become more aware of the moment to moment nature of the impulse in everyday life, especially in communication with others. This has meant that I have become far more settled in myself and content to live with God – less and less in need of attracting recognition or having to ‘make my mark’ on a conversation, seek stimulation or ‘achieve’ anything ‘amazing’. I know now that I am simply a vehicle of expression. Very simple Ageless Wisdom 101, and yet so divinely beautiful in the quality that is then accessible and able to be reflected to all. The face of the Soul on earth becomes more clearly apparent – in all its wisdom, humour, truth, and joy – as the wracking clouds of the false self drop away and reveal the divinity and splendour of the golden Son.

Increasingly I know whether to speak or not to speak – though no way mastered! I simply focus on being aware of whether there is a call for me to present truth in a situation or simply to give space and leave it to the next cycle to come around if there is no call from my Brother to be responded to. There is no ‘need’ to have to make a point or to critique another, nor insist upon ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in the old involutionary time-based manner that has kept us arrogantly stuck in this round of misery. No, rather we are all held equally in the grace, infinite space, and multidimensional intelligence of the spherical and ever-returning cycles of God’s most certain plan for us to all come back to the stupendous beings we truly are and always have been . . . and leave this rotting counterfeit creation we call ‘life’ behind. Further to this, our true philosophy teaches us that not only are we called, but we ourselves can make a call from the depths of our willingness to serve humanity on earth. All we have to do is know our true purpose here, and live, move and have our being in the vibration of the adorable and all-wise culture of God, seeing the absurd, distorted and grotesque dance-of-death that we call our ’life’ on earth for what it really is. Such a philosophy is eminently practical, as well as being scientifically precise and deeply religious.

“Everything is Energy, therefore, Everything is because of Energy”, and we are vehicles of expression for the energy that is either healing or harming. We say ‘yes’ to one or to the other of these two energies available to us on earth. And every time we say ‘yes’ to Heaven, that is another nail in the coffin of creation and its harming ways. What more is there to say? This truth is the divine Philosophy of the Gods held in a nutshell of infinite space, laid in our laps by the world teacher Serge Benhayon, and known in the inner heart of every man, woman and child.

All else is a charade of which we became enamoured. And in our ignorance we fell for it. Let the curtains come down on creation’s farce and let us begin to truly live.


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    Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011, p 220

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  • By Lyndy Summerhaze, PhD, BA (1st class hons; University medal) Dip.Mus.Ed, Practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA Recognised

    Lyndy loves truth, people, and great conversation. She works as a tutor in English Literature and is a practitioner of the healing arts.

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