The readings of Serge Benhayon

A few years ago I had a couple of incidents where my heart lost its rhythm and as I was not able to get enough oxygen, I collapsed quite dramatically.

On both of these occasions my husband Christoph, without my knowing, contacted Serge who immediately responded. On each occasion I actually could energetically feel the moment Serge connected, in that there was a clear moment when I felt my body and my heart settle.

After the second incident I emailed Serge and asked him for a reading as to what there was for me to learn. This was his reply:

"Hi Nicola,

Put simply — you pushed too hard versus the balance of deep rest. Your body overcooked.

It is not the working hard. It is the lack of letting go when it is time to.

With love,

Whilst Serge offers a healing for the energetic aspect, he is extremely pro-medicine. In the above case, after the second collapse I decided to have a small heart operation that Serge was very supportive of and congratulated me on. He also provided energetic support during the operation, as he does with many people who request. The whole experience in the operating theatre was very lovely, for myself and all the staff present.

In my experience, all readings I have received from Serge are multidimensional, timely and timeless.

Here is an example of what I mean:

  • I already experienced an energetic healing just from Serge connecting and reading the situation before I even asked or received the above reading by email.
  • The words in the reading are exactly configured for me, for that moment and for my situation, taking in the bigger picture. If I asked again a little later the configuration of words would be different.

  • What Serge presents is a truth that is available for all equally. So whilst the above reading was specifically configured for me, it would apply to and touch many.

  • The reading also provides a healing for others in that if I truly receive and live what is offered, then my living reflection offers that truth to others in my very way of being.

  • There seem to be many, many layers to these readings and they have a timeless quality.

What prompted me to write this article just now a few years later, was that this morning the reading was with me again. Today my body was feeling a little tired after a big couple of days and I allowed myself to let go and take it easy as the space is there today for me to do so. In the past I might have pushed on.

I absolutely love working but it is essential for me that I do so with a clear, present and true energetic quality. I now have a deeper marker and connection to a wisdom and knowing in my body as to when I need to stop and a much deeper care and consideration of myself.

I am also learning to be aware as to why I need to stop. Is it simply because I have done enough and it is time to rest, or some other reason? Sometimes I have to stop because I have absorbed rather than observed which is a burden on my body – this was another reading received a few years earlier from Serge.

The blessing of having received these two readings – both in words and energetically as configurations in my body – has made a huge difference to my life and to the lives of people around me and I continue to heed them, years later.

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