Making love our fortress with the support of Serge Benhayon

Making love our fortress with the support of Serge Benhayon

Making love our fortress with the support of Serge Benhayon

The three of us meeting was a meeting from the heart instantaneously. Serge Benhayon immediately felt like a brother to both of us, and that Brotherly love as he’s grown and we have grown, has become a Fatherly love, an all-encompassing holding of love that cares for us so deeply and dearly, that continuously supports and encourages us to give Our Greatest commitment to Life and to Love.

Serge Benhayon was there at the start of our relationship, and amongst much conjecture around us at this time, he was the first person to foresee the importance of our union as a couple, and prophesy the understanding of why we were brought together, and the significance of what our counselling and group work with relationships would be in the future, much to our surprise at the time.

Serge gave us an energetic reading at an early stage of our relationship that brought enormous and profound revelation. It paved a new way forward for each of us, which was about a life dedicated and devoted to healing and being in loving service. This was a ‘stop’ moment in life that until this point we could only ever have dreamed of happening. Finally, here was someone presenting the deeper meaning to life.

The reading encouraged us to let go of past and current life hurts, rejections and struggles of our personalities, that we had always let interfere and intervene so as to fracture the potential of an amazing and loving relationship. Serge shared with us that whatever we go through and learn from in our own relationship would be what we then share with others in similar situations.

If it were not for this energetic reading that Serge had offered us we would likely have given up many times in our earlier difficult years.

Often when we were at a threshold point we would take out this reading, read it, feel the Divine support in its prediction, and through tears resolve to stay steady in our commitment to each other and what had been laid out before us.

Every time we meet with Serge Benhayon he has always given us something enormous and eternally valuable to work with for our growth and evolution. Serge knows each of us so uniquely that he can deliver the exact and particular words needed in a moment, words that instigate and inspire a movement towards our greater potential.

Several words Serge gave us at a crucial time in our relationship were, Refinement, Re-build and Make a Fortress of What You’ve Got. We used these words with ourselves as the ‘guinea pigs’ for a study in relationships. We completely exhausted every avenue and detail of how the teachings within these words could be practically applied to understanding and healing our lessons in life.

We have both always had a constant thirst and passion for understanding more about relationships, and now in our regular conversations with Serge we speak about all things life and love; chewing his ear off about every possible corner and aspect of relationships; nothing is ‘off limits’. Serge being the philosopher and seer that he is, is the one person on Earth we can go to with all our insights, observations and questions about relationships, trusting that he will always be able to provide the deeper wisdom to what we are witnessing and feeling. In this, he is the most exceptional mentor.

These meetings are like a Master Class in relationships, with Serge constantly challenging us to meet him in understanding the higher truths about relationships, expressing love, connecting to life’s purpose and recognising the destructive behaviours and pitfalls that take us all off course in relationships.

All that we share with Serge as our beautiful friend, along with the teachings that he brings, have totally changed the course and direction of our lives immeasurably.

Serge is always saying to us with such reverence to love, “There’s so much more to come”. What he is referring to is the fact that there are no limitations to love, no end to love, no measure in love, and that there is so much more to uncover in our awareness of love. In this, Serge provides constant inspiration for us to evolve to that endless depth of love which is eternal.

We love this man so much and it is impossible to choose a favourite Serge Benhayon quality. Two things however that we can emphasise and say we totally adore about Serge, are his cheeky, irreverent and earthy sense of humour, and alongside that, the undeniable fact that when you look into his eyes it is the most exquisite reminder that we are all from Heaven.

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  • By Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice, Relationship Counsellors