Building intimacy in your relationships

Building intimacy in your relationships

We all long for true intimacy, but how do we go there?
How do we juggle work, family, relationships, and stay open to others?

Being intimate in relationships always starts with yourself; the willingness to investigate the depth of who you are and how you relate, communicate and move in the world. It has become so normal to walk around protecting our sensitivity from the harshness we encounter when in fact the truth is, tenderness, fragility and vulnerability are our greatest strengths.

In this revelatory video Annette and Gabe introduce how we can develop an expression of intimacy within the rhythm of our relationships.

“Intimacy is letting yourself be seen in your fragility and not feel less”

Serge Benhayon Universal Medicine Relationship Workshop 2013

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  • By Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice, Relationship Counsellors