Readings by Serge Benhayon

Soon after Serge responded to the call of his Soul, he became widely known for the outstanding accuracy of his 'readings'. The readings literally come from the allowing of oneself to ‘read’ a person's energy, which then forms the basis or knowing of what is going on within a person’s body or life, with 100% accuracy.

A true reading observes and uncovers the underlying cause of an issue. It brings greater awareness and clarity to seemingly complex situations. The intensity of day-to-day living keeps us trapped in the complexity of an issue, and a reading brings true understanding and immense clarity to any given situation or issue. Each reading resonates with and unlocks something that is already felt and known by the receiver, which in turn allows one to step back and observe, view the situation or issue in a new light, breaking the hold and clearing the way forward, enabling us to make new choices in life that support one to be all that they truly are.

As you read the testimonials you will see how they not only provide an opportunity for greater awareness and healing around a given situation for the person themselves, they also have a huge healing impact on family, friends, colleagues and humanity at large. You will also note that the readings, some seemingly very simple, still apply now years later as the student deepens their understanding and continues to integrate it into their day-to-day life.

This sphere is also dedicated to the many testimonials that have come in from all over the world confirming the healing quality of Serge Benhayon’s readings. These are the readings by a man who lives a very ordinary life in an extraordinary way, which he openly shares with all, including the many students of the Way of the Livingness worldwide.

Serge lives every moment of his life in dedication to this purpose and in the knowingness that there is a truer way to live daily life for every human being on earth – and note the difference here: not just a better life, but a truer way to live.

The readings are a testimonial to this way of living life – they are not about one man being clever or special and they are not even about a few people benefitting from them – they are here presented to show that there is an ordinariness in the connection to our body and the inner-most truth that then allows the readings to bring forth what can truly support another.

And as Serge always presents – when we connect deeply to our true essence and beingness, and live life from our body, to ‘read’ another and ourselves is our natural way of being.

"A true seer has the ability to understand the future ... they work back from the future to bring understanding to the present and therefore can recognise where the present is heading if it does not change.

A seer is also ahead of their time, offering back a greater understanding of humanity than often humanity is ready to see and or hear. "

~ Serge Benhayon