Serge Benhayon the Philosopher

It is over 10 years since I first heard about a man called Serge Benhayon from Goonellabah in Northern NSW. Serge Benhayon was recommended to me by a counselor who was providing various members of my family healing and counseling throughout a difficult time in our lives.

I attended a workshop conducted by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine called 'Heart Chakra One', now called ‘The Livingness 1’ workshop which explored the world of energy. At this point in time, I thought that I had a fairly comprehensive knowledge about the world of energy and as far as I was concerned it was not really something that I believed that I needed to pay much attention to in my daily life.

Having spent many years of my life sitting in lecture theatres, studying dentistry and other areas of health including nutritional and environmental medicine and many alternative modalities, I was not keen to 'waste' a whole day sitting in what I thought was going to be just one more presentation of information that would most likely be new age ravings (best ignored) or at the best 'maybe useful' information to carry around in my head. The Heart-Chakra presentation was none of the above.

Instead it was an interactive philosophical discussion about energy that was easy to understand and very practical in its application. We experimented in pairs as to how it felt to be on the receiving end of different qualities of energetic expression such as anger, sadness and arrogance compared to expressions of love, harmony and joy.

The take home message that was there for all, was that everything we do has an energetic paper trail. The way we walk, talk, eat, work, write, interact with others, put ourselves to sleep and even the ideals and beliefs we hold about others and ourselves ALL determine the quality of our life at present and what comes to us in the future.

Since this initial workshop in 2004, I have attended many courses and workshops conducted by Serge Benhayon and all have been conducted in the same manner with an open forum for philosophical discussion and at times vigorous debate. Topics are many and varied and include many aspects of health, well-being such as the energetic origins of illness and disease. Presentations also cover the historical origins of philosophy, science and religion and the lineage of ancient wisdom from Hermes to present day.

All courses and presentations have a practical application to life and are underpinned by the foundations of one's personal responsibility for choices in every aspect of life. The courses and workshops, remind us of the interconnectedness of each individual with everyone and everything. What we choose affects the quality of our lives and those of others. These choices also have a significant impact on the Earth itself and even the Cosmos.

How I live today is vastly different compared to 2004. I am now connected to the purpose of ensuring that the quality of my every action is based on truth and love. This does not mean that it always happens, as no one is perfect but it has become the foundation of all of my choices. As soon as I sway from this way of living as taught by many throughout the ages such as Pythagoras, Siddharta Gautama, Jeshua and others, the effects are felt immediately as the old familiar selfish ways of thinking and behaviours create dramas in my day and often discomfort or pain in my body.

As a result of the Ancient Wisdom that I have reconnected with through Serge Benhayon, I am developing a way of living that is based on truth and love. As a consequence, I am now healthier and able to deal with much greater workloads than 25 years ago.

I am filled with a vitality and joy that I would not give up for anything. My family, friends, work-colleagues and patients comment daily on the amazing changes they have seen in me over the last 10 years. I can state without one speck of doubt that this is because of Serge Benhayon. He is a true philosopher and brings his love of the Ancient Wisdom for all equally.

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  • By Dr Alannah Freer, BDSc (Hons); MPhil Dent Res, FACNEM (Dent) Fellow Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. Masters of Philosophy Dental Research, Examiner Australian Dental Council

    Alannah has combined raising 3 amazing daughters with a career in dentistry where she has specialised in holistic dentistry for 23 years. Alannah is a natural educator and loves to share the history of the Ancient Wisdom in her writing.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd